Presidential Teaching Initiative Grant Reimbursement Instructions

The faculty grant award letter contains information specific to reimbursement.  If you need a copy of this letter, please contact the Pew FTLC office at 331-3498 or

All expenditures for honoraria, travel, materials and services are to be made using department funds. The department will be reimbursed through a working budget transfer of funds from the Pew FTLC grant account.  These reimbursements are not dependent on a final report and carry from one fiscal year to another, so send reimbursements to the FTLC as they occur.  Note: Reimbursements will not be accepted after a Final Report has been submitted.  Please see the grant award letter for the Final Report deadline.

  • Send an email or memo with the faculty name, grant type, grant number, and the amount to be transferred. You are welcome to use our reimbursement form.
  • Attach a copy of the Purchase Order, P-card transaction, or Travel and Expense voucher, etc. for the honoraria, travel, materials, or services.
  • The department will be reimbursed through a working budget transfer of funds from the Pew FTLC grant account. The FTLC will initiate the transfer in Onbase.
  • Grant Stipends: The Pew FTLC directly pays stipends for GVSU faculty only as outlined in the grant award letter.
  • Student Wages: The Pew FTLC directly pays wages for GVSU students only. Please contact the Pew FTLC before the student begins work to make arrangements for payment.

Send Information to: via email or to Barb Blankemeier, Pew FTLC, 068 JHZ via interoffice mail.