Pew 'Master Teacher' Residency Grant


The Pew “Master Teacher” Residency Grant is intended to provide additional targeted funding for departments to bring in pedagogical experts, “Master Teachers”, from their discipline for a short-term residency on campus. Residency objectives can include traditional aspects of pedagogy (teaching strategies/methods, use of new technology, evaluation of learning, etc.), as well as the transformation and extension of subject matter knowledge as reflected in curriculum and course development, teaching methodologies, or faculty assisting other faculty.

Eligibility: All faculty, full- or part-time, are eligible. Visitors, affiliates, contract, and part-time faculty, however, require a tenured or tenure-track faculty member as a participant in the grant. Units may be awarded only one grant every two years.  All other things being equal, faculty members and/or departments who have not received grants in preceding grant rounds will be given priority over those who have.

Maximum award: $5,000

Deadlines: October 1, February 1, and April 1.