Recommendations for Teaching Award Nomination Packets

  • Most Award Committee members now read the electronic copy (the hard copy is available to them if they prefer it). So keep in mind readability when scanning - scan the documents to face one direction whenever possible.

  • The requirements are found on the front of the nomination form. Please place them in the order listed on the nomination form. Send one electronic and one hard copy to the Pew FTLC.

  • Please separate and identify sections (i.e. Nomination Form, CV, Reflective Statement, etc.) for both the electronic and hard copy. Colored paper as a divider works well for both.  While index tab dividers are great for the hard copy, they can’t be scanned and there is nothing for the electronic copy.

  • Each Nomination packet must include a copy of the student evaluations (not applicable to Library Awards). Again, try to make them as readable as possible, especially for the electronic copy.

  • If you have something special, such as a CD, that cannot be included in the electronic copy, please make a note of it on a separate page and scan the note.

  • Just one (not multiple as in past years) hard copy to Pew FTLC, securely bound. Notebooks work well.

  • Please make sure the notebook is roughly the same size as the documents within it (i.e. a ½ inch binder is not easy to use with 1 inch of materials).

  • A label with name and department of the nominee somewhere on the outside cover is helpful. You can use the signed Nomination Form as a cover sheet.

Page last modified August 27, 2013