Part-time Advisory Committee


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2014-2015 Adjunct Advisory Council

College of Education
Kelly Senkowski, Part-time Faculty
Terry Stockton, Affiliate Faculty

Padnos College of Engineering and Computing
Jayne Dissette, Part-time Faculty
Rodd Lowell, Affiliate Faculty

Seidman College of Business
Jayne Dissette, Part-time Faculty
Nelson VanElderen, Part-time Faculty

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dale Berry, Part-time Faculty
Jeff Byrnes, Visiting Faculty
Mandy Keller, Part-time Faculty
Joe McCarger, Affiliate Faculty
Len O'Kelly, Visiting Faculty
Julie White, Dauvan Mullaly, Monica Robinson, Affiliate Faculty (Rotating)

Kirkhoff College of Nursing
Jennifer Zoeteman, Affiliate Faculty

College of Community and Public Service
Williamson Wallace, Part-time Faculty
Carol Sutherby, Part-time Faculty, Winter 2015 Only

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Mambo Mupepi, Part-time Faculty
Eric Gollenek, Visiting Faculty

Part-time Faculty Network

To contribute to a supportive professional environment for all part-time faculty at GVSU. The network is a professional organization that serves as an online resource and advocacy group.

Among the functions of the part-time faculty network (PTFN) are the following:

To provide a confidential forum for the discussion of issues important to part-time faculty.

To encourage and promote teaching effectiveness through a variety of
professional development opportunities.

To promote, stimulate and affirm part-time faculty in the life of the

To advocate for part-time faculty as viable members of academic
departments via nomination for teaching awards and other recognition.

To provide feedback to the Director of Part-time Faculty and support on initiatives to improve working conditions for part-time faculty.

To foster job satisfaction and retention of part-time faculty university-wide.

The PTFN will be led by the Part-time Faculty Advisory Council (PTFAC),
a representative committee of part-time faculty selected by the Director of
Part-time Faculty Support, who meet regularly with the Director and the Provost’s office. There is no cost to join the network, simply email your contact information, and a brief note of interest to Dana Munk at Upon joining the network, you will have access to the PTFN blackboard site which will provide regular communication about part-time faculty affairs and other information relevant to faculty life at GVSU.