Faculty:  All reimbursements are processed through your department. Submit your Travel & Expense vouchers, receipts, invoices, PO's, etc. to your department staff. They will help you with any forms or Accounting requirements that must be met. Pew FTLC reimburses department funds when all grant criteria are met. Your grant letter also contains specific information concerning stipends, student wages, etc.

Staff: All purchases for materials or services and travel expenses for grants are to be made using department funds. These reimbursements are not dependent on a report and carry from one fiscal year to another, so send in reimbursements as they occur.

  • After the purchase has been made or travel has commenced, submit to the Pew FTLC a memo or email requesting a transfer of funds to the department account. State the faculty name, grant used, the amount to be transferred and the FOAP to be credited.
  • Attach a copy of the Purchase Order, P-card transaction, or Travel and Expense voucher for materials or services purchased, if purchased outside the University. Attach a copy of the Interdepartmental Charge if materials or services are purchased within the University.

The department will be reimbursed through a working budget transfer of funds from the Pew FTLC grant account. The FTLC will initiate the transfer in Onbase.You are welcome to use our reimbursement form or one of your own.

Grant stipends: Specific information is available in the letter/email the faculty received announcing their award.  When sending in a request for stipends to faculty, reference the grant name and number, include faculty names, G numbers, and the dates of service.

Student Wages: Specific information is available in the letter/email the faculty received announcing their award. Please contact Peggy Gaegauf at the Pew FTLC before the student begins work to make arrangements for Ultratime and checks.

Student Honorariums: Specific information is available in the letter/email the faculty received announcing their award. When sending in a request to pay student honorariums, reference the grant name and number, include student names, G numbers, dates of service, and a brief explanation what the honorarium is for.

Send Information to: Pew FTLC, 324 LOH, via interoffice mail or via email. 



Grants close when all monies are dispersed and a report has been sent in. For Teaching Circle grants the report is to be submitted after the last meeting. For all other grants, the due dates vary depending on the project. Each grant letter states the date a report is due. Presidential Teaching Initiative grants require two reports to be submitted. To be approved for any new grants, all prior grants must be in good order, including reports submitted and approved.

Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center grants are to address teaching and learning at GVSU. The intention of the grants we fund is to provide opportunities that can be used in your teaching. Each project is unique and your report should reflect the specifics of your work and its results. Please discuss anything you feel is important that occurred as a result of your project.

Report Format: The report format is entirely up to you, but normally we get a 1-2 page narrative (longer is fine) that describes the outcomes of the grant activity.  We use these for our own assessment and we also highlight some of them for our endowers.  So, the focus is really on what you did with the funds, how that worked out, how it changed your class/program/department, etc., and what the impact is on your students (and thus on teaching and learning here at GVSU).


  • Your Name
  • Your Department
  • Grant Awarded: Teaching Circle Grant, Pew Scholar Teacher Grant, Pew Technology Enhancement Grant, Pew “Master Teacher” Residency Grant or Presidential Teaching Initiative Grant
  • Grant Number: Found on the subject line of the award letter
  • Date of Project: Found in first paragraph of the award letter
  • Date of Report: Found at the bottom of the award letter

Other Possible Items to Consider:

  • Did you meet the goals you stated in the original application? Discuss the results and how they affected your classroom, program, department, or college, as well as your teaching methods, curriculum or other innovations. Were the results immediate or are they a long-term commitment?
  • Did you produce any scholarship/creative activity from this grant? Publish a paper? Win an award? Put on a performance? Or garner any other type of recognition from outside of Grand Valley?

Upload: Go to the Pew FTLC website, click on "Apply for Grants", logon and you will see your grants. Click on the grant, and upload your report where indicated.

Questions: If you have any questions concerning your report or trouble uploading the report, please email us at or call us at 616-331-3498


Page last modified November 12, 2013