Q: How many travel grants am I allowed?
A:  One per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Q: Who is eligible for travel grants? Do I have to be tenured?
A: All faculty, whether full or part-time, are eligible for travel grants.

Q: Are students eligible for travel grants?
A: Students are not eligible for FTLC travel grants. Contact the office of Undergraduate
Research and Scholarship for student travel grants. Here is a link:

Q: What kinds of activities are approved?
A:  Pew FTLC grants are primarily focused on assisting with travel to professional conferences that feature 
elements of teaching and learning. 

Q: Do I have to present a paper to get a travel grant?
A: Unlike CSCE funds, you do not have to be presenting a paper to be eligible for a Pew FTLC travel grant.

Q: If I get a travel grant from CSCE, am I able to get one from Pew FTLC for the same conference?
A: Yes, if you qualify for both CSCE funding and Pew FTLC funding, you may receive travel grants from
both departments for the same conference.


Q: Is there anything special I should prepare before applying?
A: Be aware that the application entry is timed at a maximum of 20 minutes. We advise that you prepare your text and budget figures in advance and paste this information into the application. An outline of the grant is here: FTG Outline.

Q: I entered my information into the FTLC Grant Website and it states “The Quarter you have
selected is not accepting applications at this time.” I think I have the right quarter so why do I get this message?

A: Here are the starting dates for each quarter and their respective travel dates:

  • October 1: for travel January 1 – March 31.
  • January 1: for travel April 1 – June 30.
  • April 1: for travel July 1 – September 30.
  • July 1: for travel October 1 – December 31.

Note: Your travel is determined by the end date, not the start date. For example, if your start
date is September 29 but your end date is October 2, your starting application date is July 1.

Q: I’ve heard you have to apply quickly to get a travel grant. Is that true?
A: Unfortunately, there is more demand than funds for our travel grants. They are first come, first served until funds are
for the quarter. This usually happens within 1-2 weeks from the starting application date but has happened within days.

Q: If I miss getting a grant for one quarter because funds are depleted, can I just apply in the next
quarter and backdate it?

A: No. However, sometimes grants do get cancelled, and the FTLC grant website will reopen to allow those
cancelled monies to be used.  So, you can check the website occasionally to see if it reopens for that quarter.


Q: How do I get reimbursed?
A: First, upload your report on the FTLC grant website. Second, turn in your original receipts along with the completed Travel and Expense voucher to your department. Your department reimburses you and forwards a copy to the FTLC and we reimburse your department.

Q: How long does the report have to be and what should it say?
A: The report should be 1-2 pages describing the benefit of the activity for your teaching. You may report specifically on the sessions you attended, the connections you made to experts or others interested in your field, or tips and inspirations you acquired.

Q: Where do I send the report?
A: You upload the report on the Pew FTLC grant website. "View" your grant and scroll down until you see the box that states Upload Report on the right.


Page last modified November 12, 2013