Scheduled for January 10, 2014, this set of workshops are organized and presented by
Part-time  faculty, for new and returning part-time faculty. For more information, visit the 

Part-time Academy page. To register, please contact us at



Held each fall and winter, the orientation provides an introduction to GVSU, helpful guidance in planning your courses, an introduction to technology and library resources for faculty. For more information and to register, please contact us at


What New Part-time Faculty Need to Know, is a manual of useful information for part-time faculty. In it you will find a list of important university and teaching resources, including Blackboard and other technology resources as well as a checklist for getting started that might be a helpful resource as you navigate your way into the university. Please take time to review the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook as they pertain to your teaching assignment. You will also find here an addendum which highlights university administrative manual language pertaining to part-time faculty.

Part-time faculty are encouraged to utilize our confidential consultation services, including class observations and review of student evaluations.


Blackboard Tune up

Creating a Syllabus for a New Course

Ice Breakers

Information Literacy Core Competencies

Liberal Education- New Challenges  

Links to resources for Getting Started in the Classroom

Links to Important University Resources

Pew FTLC Tips and Tools for Planning Your Course

Incorporating Special, Non-standard, and Alternative Collections into Your Teaching


Christine Rener,  at in The Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center 


To contribute to a supportive professional environment for all part-time faculty at GVSU. The network is a professional organization that serves as an online resource and advocacy group.

Among the functions of the part-time faculty network (PTFN) are the following:

To provide a confidential forum for the discussion of issues important to part-time faculty.

To encourage and promote teaching effectiveness through a variety of
professional development opportunities.

To promote, stimulate and affirm part-time faculty in the life of the

To advocate for part-time faculty as viable members of academic
departments via nomination for teaching awards and other recognition.

To provide feedback to the Director of Part-time Faculty and support on initiatives to improve working conditions for part-time faculty.

To foster job satisfaction and retention of part-time faculty university-wide.


The PTFN will be led by the Part-time Faculty Advisory Council (PTFAC),
a representative committee of part-time faculty selected by the Director of
Part-time Faculty Support, who meet regularly with the Director and the Provost’s office. There is no cost to join the network, simply email your contact information, and a brief note of interest to Dana Munk at Upon joining the network, you will have access to the PTFN blackboard site which will provide regular communication about part-time faculty affairs and other information relevant to faculty life at GVSU.




This important advisory group collaborates closely with the FTLC and serves in an advisory role to the Provost’s Office. The PTFAC convenes once a month or otherwise, as determined by its members.


Name Department College
Dale Berry Movement Science CLAS
Jayne Dissette Business, IT SCB
Amber Haywood Movement Science CLAS
Mandalyn Keeler Communications CLAS
Rodd Lowell Computing & Information Systems PCEC
Dana Munk Faculty Teaching and Learning Center  
Mambo Mupepi African American Studies BCOIS
Malinda Peterson Communications CLAS
Tim Bulson Communications CLAS
Nelson VanElderen Marketing/Management SCB

Mandalyn Keeler
Senior Part-time Faculty,
School of Communications

Mandalyn Teaches:
COM 300 (Foundations in Communication Research), CAP 413 (Media Planning), CAP 310 (Advertising Management and Cases) & CAP 380 (Special Topics: Ad/PR Search and Strategies Workshop)
Work/academic background:
Outside of being a mother to my two beautiful children, my past professional roles include: Event Planning in New York City, Chapter Director for the ALS Association (West Michigan Chapter), Events Coordinator and Fund Development with the Acton Institute and Events Specialist with North Ottawa Community Health System. I earned my MS from Grand Valley State University in Communications and my BA from Spring Arbor University in Communications, Theater and Speech.

Boards and Councils: Faculty Mentor, WMPRSA-West Michigan, Part-time Faculty Advisory Committee (PTFAC) Member, GVSU Central Park Players, Community Theater, Grand Haven, MI
What do you enjoy about teaching at GVSU?
I really enjoy the diversity of the student body. I also appreciate the creative efforts my students provide on various projects and presentations. I feel very connected to all my students and I am always happy to see that they keep me on their small list of contacts even after they graduate. It brings a lot of joy to see where past students of mine have ended up in their individual career paths.
How do you connect with students in classes?

My approach to student education has shifted from an emphasis on my teaching, to a more central focus on student learning and progress. The process I am referring to is holistic, which is how I would define the discipline of “teaching and learning” much as I would describe “communication” as holistic in which there is a co-creation of meaning between myself, the teacher, and the student. I always provide real-life examples and/or experiences with most every lesson I teach. I rarely talk at my students while in class. Instead, we have a conversation that constantly evolves relating relevant aspects of the subject with real-life circumstances. It keeps the creative juices flowing!
Any tips for fellow part-time faculty?
Get involved and become part of the full/part-time faculty community. Make sure to set coffee dates or lunch appointments with your peers, attend campus-related meetings, schedule on-site office time and connect with others teaching the same or similar courses. Do what you need to do to make yourself visible! Visibility is valuable on a campus setting.



A continuing opportunity to meet peers, to share success and survival strategies, and to discuss ways to improve student learning. No RSVP necessary. Just bring your own lunch.


Coffee Hour  4:30 - 5:30pm

Promoting Deep and Lasting Learning

Wednesday, October 23

302E DEV

Using Student Feedback to Improve Your Course

Tuesday, November 19

 2259 KC



Teaching to Different Learning Styles

Wednesday, January 22  

302E DEV


Transforming Tests into Learning Tools

Tuesday, April 15  

2259 KC

Brown Bag Lunch
11:30am - 1pm

Connecting Student Interest to Course Content

Tuesday, September 24

2259 KC

Getting Students to Read
Tuesday, February 18 
2259 KC


Getting Started with Service Learning
Wednesday, March 19
302E DEV




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