i. Faculty Membership: Faculty membership of the Pew FTLCAC consists of four members from CLAS, one from each of the remaining colleges, and one from the library. The term of office is three years beginning at the end of the winter semester. Terms are staggered.

ii. Student Membership: One student selected by the Student Senate for a term of one year.

iii. Administration Membership: The Director and Assistant Director of the Pew FTLC ex-officio, non-voting.

iv. Responsibilities: The role of the Advisory Committee is to provide advice on policy, direction and performance of the Pew FTLC. The committee will:

a) Serve as a liaison between the GVSU community and the Administrative Staff

b) Provide information about faculty development needs.

c) Provide feedback to the Administrative Staff about faculty responses to the Pew FTLC and its activities.

d) Develop Pew FTLC policies.

e) Review proposed programs and activities for the Pew FTLC.

f) Initiate and/or respond to discussions of teaching and learning issues, referring them to appropriate bodies of necessary.

g) Establish grant funding priorities, and to establish a sub-committee to review applications for faculty teaching renewal and development grants.

h) Annually review the effectiveness of the Pew FTLC's program activities, and report results to ECS/UAS. Review annually the physical resource and space needs for the Pew FTLC.

j) In the case of a vacancy, assemble a search and selection committee for Pew Administrative Staff.



All meetings will be from 1-2pm in 3062 James H Zumberge Hall

Monday, Sept 8, 2014
Monday, Sept 22, 2014
Monday, Oct 13, 2014
Monday, Oct 27, 2014
Monday, Nov 10, 2014
Monday, Nov 24, 2014
Monday, Dec 8, 2014
Monday, Dec 22, 2014





Peter Riemersma GEO CLAS
Vandana Pednecker-Magal COM CLAS
Janel Pettes-Guikema MLL CLAS
Darren Walhof PLS CLAS
Bruce Bettinghaus FIN SCB
Michael Scantlebury HTM CCPS
David Bair EDU COE
Zulema Moret LIB BCOIS
Mostafa El-Said CIS PCEC
Alisha Davis OT CHP
Barb Hooper NUR KCON
Kyle Felker, Chair LIBR UL
Robert Talbert MTH CLAS
Janet Vigna BIO CLAS
Jacob Schacht   Student Senate
Christine Rener, ex officio   Pew FTLC
Kurt Ellenberger, ex officio   Pew FTLC
Dana Munk, ex officio   Pew FTLC
Patricia Stow Bolea, ex officio   Pew FTLC
Kathryn Stieler, ex officio   Pew FTLC
Matthew Roberts, ex officio   IT


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