Faculty Learning Community Participation Grant


  • Amount: Funding will cover the cost of books/articles, supplies, food, etc.
  • Purpose: For faculty interested in joining a Faculty Learning Community focused on a topic of significance to faculty.
  • Eligibility: All faculty: full- or part-time.
  • Application Timing: Applications will be accepted up to a week into the semester in which the FLC will begin or until groups are full.
  • Of Note: Faculty Learning Communities must include a minimum of four faculty participants.

NEW!  Due to their similar formats, the Faculty Learning Community will replace the former Teaching Circle.  The purpose of the Faculty Learning Community is to not only foster a 1-2 semester-long conversation on a given topic, but also to encourage an application of the knowledge gained.  Faculty participants will be invited to apply and submit a brief final report on their experience of the group.  The grant will cover the cost of books/materials/resources for each participant as well as light refreshments at the meetings. 

Note: Faculty who are interested in facilitating a Faculty Learning Community are invited to contact Kathryn Stieler (stielerk@gvsu.edu), Pew FTLC Grants Coordinator, prior to the semester of proposed activity.


Faculty Learning Community Participation Grants support faculty in engaging in an active, collaborative conversation and curriculum focused on a teaching and learning related topic of special interest or significance to faculty.  Faculty Learning Community participants meet regularly throughout the semester and work together to apply the knowledge gained.

Maximum Award: 
The grant will cover book/material/resources for each participant as well as light refreshments at each meeting. Participants are expected to attend the majority of the scheduled meetings and submit a Final Report.

All faculty, full- or part-time, are eligible to apply.  (Note: GVSU staff may participate with supervisor approval.)

Application Instructions:
Once you have completed your application and it has been approved by the Pew FTLC, you will be contacted by the facilitator of the Faculty Learning Community with additional details about the community.

Final Report Instructions:
Each applicant who is awarded a Faculty Learning Community Participation Grant will be responsible for submitting a Final Report via the online system within 30 days of the final meeting. The Pew FTLC will send out an automatic reminder e-mail for your convenience.  The Final Report will ask for you to summarize the following (500 word limit): 

  • What tools, skills, knowledge and/or professional connections did you gain by attending the Faculty Learning Community?
  • How have you/will you continue to implement what you have learned into the classroom?

To submit a Final Report, click on "Final Report" under "Application Details" within the FTLC Grant System.  

Reimbursement Instructions:
All facilitator expenditures associated with this grant should be submitted to the Pew FTLC on a Travel and Expense Form along with original, detailed receipts. Your receipt should list the items purchased and the participants. Please send your completed and signed Travel and Expense form to the Pew FTLC, 068 James H Zumberge Hall (JHZ).

Page last modified February 10, 2017