1. AAC&U Greater Expectations Institute, Summer 2004

A Grand Valley team attended this institute to provide a focus to act on the results of our research. The proposal for the institute summarizes the initiative's perspective at that point. It was then called "Aligning Student and Faculty Expectations." 

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2. Intergroup Dialogue Report, Fall 2005

In order to build support for the newly named CLE Initiative, the AAC&U team decided to hold a series of Intergroup Dialogues among three constituent groups: faculty, staff, and students.  A total of 55 faculty, 59 students, and 47 staff participated. The groups made the following recommendations:

  • Clear, consistent communication regarding liberal education and expectations must occur throughout the university.
  • The learning environment at Grand Valley must be characterized by high expectations.
  • There must be a greater emphasis on learning.
  • Intercultural awareness must be integrated into the fabric of the institution.
  • The importance of liberal education and high expectations must be fostered through ongoing dialogue.

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