Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement initiative at GVSU strengthens our commitment to community-based and democratic learning. We support faculty interested in either exploring or strengthening their community-based learning (CBL) pedagogy, we sponsor faculty learning communities around the topic, provide grant funding opportunities for community-based teaching projects, offer individual consultations on CBL course development, project integration and mutuality, and provide on-demand workshops.  Direct inquiries to Patty Stow Bolea, Pew FTLC Faculty Fellow. 


During 2016-17, Pew FTLC will support the Civic Engagement Initiative through the following events:

  • Community Based Learning Colloquia Series (Winter 2017 details) (Fall 2016 details)
    • Community Engagement: What and Why
    • Course Design for Community Based Learning
    • Preparing Students for Community Based Learning: Personal, Professional and Civic Readiness
    • CBL: Surviving the Integration of Teaching Research and Scholarship
    • Developing and Sustaining Partnerships
    • Evaluating Community-Based Learning: What is Success?
    • IRB & Community Engagement at GVSU


  • Faculty Learning Community: Civic Engagement
    • This group is working together to create civic engagement student-learning outcomes for GVSU


  • On Demand Workshops: GVSU CBL Designation: Course Design for Community Based Learning


  • Civic Engagement Lecture Series:
    • The Role of Public University in Democracy
    • What is Liberal Education?
    • Public Art in Civic Engagement

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