National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)

The NACADA website is a rich resource for faculty advisors. A great place to start is to review the following three foundational documents: (1) Concept of Academic Advising, (2) Statement of Core Values, and (3) Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education: Standards and Guidelines for Academic Advising


A summary of twelve excellent advising tips (Word document)

from: Drake, J.,Hemwall, M., & Stockwell, K. (2009). Twelve tips for good advising. In NACADA (SeriesEd.),Pocket Guide Series: PGO8. A faculty guide to academic advising (pp. 14-15).


Sound Bites for Sound Advising

from: Armstrong, C. and Heinz, H. (2006). Academic Advising Today, v. 29, no. 3.


Teachable Moments: Advising as Liberal Learning

from: Laff, N.S. (2006). Liberal Education, Spring, 2006.


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