Faculty / Staff Golf League

Subs Handicaps

All substitute players are eligible to earn a FSGL handicap by turning in your scores with the team number and player for whom you were a sub.  Handicaps will be calculated and posted on the website following each week's round of play.  Handicaps are based on 90% of the difference between your average score and par.  Average scores will be calculated on all rounds played.  Women will tee off from the red tee box and men tee from the white tee box.  

Make your availability known to league members!  


Handicaps after Week #1 (4/27/15)

Subs   Score
Tom Butcher                  
Tom Demmon                  
Jim DeWeerd                  
Terry Fisk                  
Bill Fisher                  
Tyler Folk                  
Tom Vilelia                  
Leroy Hackley                  
Matt Hahnenberg                  
Bruce Kruithoff                  
Dave Kurjiaka                  
Sean Lancaster                   
Phil Lane                  
Ed Lindeman                  
Joe McCormick                  
Al Owens                  
John Schultz 44               7
Jim Seufert 60 47 52           15
Cindy Vanderberg 59 58             20
Chris Westveld 51 48             12
Michelle Vree 59               21
Toni Carver 58               20
Don Hoogerhyde 74               34
Todd Westveld 40               4
John Kellogg 46               9
Matt Goosen 41               4


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