Faculty / Staff Golf League

Rules & Etiquette

Last Revision: August 23, 2016


1.  Membership

  • Membership in the golf league requires at least one team member be a current or retired faculty/staff employee of GVSU. The league has an established and long-cherished collegial camaraderie, of which we have celebrated since 1979 when the league was founded. 

2.  Starting Times    

  • Foursomes are scheduled to tee off at seven-minute intervals. Please arrive at the course in time to report to the first tee 15 minutes prior to your tee time. If players are late, other foursomes will be started until they arrive. Twosomes with no opponents will be given priority.
  • The League Secretary is the official starter. We are responsible for getting started on time!
  • All teams are expected to play at their appointed time with their scheduled opponents. If you must be late or need an alternate starting time, please make arrangements with your opponents.
  • All teams must play on their scheduled date and with their scheduled opponents. Both teams may play prior to league only if absolutely necessary, but the round must be played on the scheduled date. Please leave the scorecard at The Meadows Pro Shop.

3.  Play Conditions

  • Schedule - The league will again be played in two half-seasons. The team rankings will be determined by highest point totals in each half. The team with the highest points after the seventh week will be declared the first half winner. Then teams start scratch again for the season second half, and the team with the highest points after the last scheduled week of play, will be declared the second half winner. The winners of each half-season will compete for the league championship. 
  • Mulligans - Each player will be allowed one mulligan per round for an errant shot of their choice (does not include a putt). The mulligan must be declared and hit immediately after a ball is determined errant, or a provisional-mulligan may be declared if the player believes the ball is possibly lost.  If the original ball is found however, the player must continue play with that ball, and the mulligan may be used later in the round. Once a player leaves the original point of shot, and the ball is later determined lost, the player may not return to "re-hit" using a mulligan. The penalty for losing a ball or hitting out-of-bounds is one (1) stroke added to the score. The player must then hit from a "playable" lie (no closer to the hole) where the ball was lost or went out of bounds.
  • Maximum Score - Maximum score on a hole is twice the par of that hole (par 3's-6, par 4's-8, par 5's-10). After reaching that score, pick up ball and proceed to the next hole.  
  • Super Winter Rules - Super winter rules are in effect at all times. The player may improve the lie of the ball anywhere on the course, except in hazards and sand traps, by rolling the ball over with the club head. Hazards are marked by red or yellow stakes. A free drop is allowed from areas marked with white paint. 
  • Inclement Weather - League play will be canceled or suspended only when The Meadows does not allow carts on the course due to inclement or hazardous weather conditions. Should such conditions be present on league day, a decision will be made by 3:00 p.m. Call The Meadows Pro Shop at 616-331-1000 for league play confirmation.    

4.  Scoring  

  • Your score for each hole consists of the number of strokes taken to hit onto the green plus the number of putts. Record the totals for the foursome at the end of each round.
  • There is a Double Par -stroke maximum per hole.  6 on Par 3's, 8 on Par 4's & 10 on Par 5's. Pick up your ball if you reach the maximum; you need not finish the hole. Record that score on the scorecard for that hole.
  • A "gimme" putt must be granted to your opponent if the ball is within two feet of the cup. The ball may be picked up, and it must be counted as one putt. You need not record the number of putts on the scorecard.   
  • If there is a substitute, please indicate their first and last name on the scorecard.
  • Please write all names legibly to help determine correct teams and points.
  • Preprinted scorecards with each player's per-hole handicap will be provided each week. Points for each hole will be calculated on the number of strokes taken to finish the hole minus the handicap (number of dots).

5.  Handicaps

  • Handicaps are based on 90% of the difference between your average gross score and par. Average gross scores are calculated based on all rounds played. The first two week's handicaps will be determined by using the player's handicap from the previous season, then using total rounds to determine handicap thereafter. New league players will have to provide a estimated handicap or average score upon registering for the league.
  • Handicap stroke differentials are applied on each hole starting with the hardest holes first.
  • Women will tee off from the red tee box and men from the white tee box.  

6.  Points

  • 24 points will be awarded per foursome each week based on low net scores:
    9 points per hole for low handicap opponents, 9 points per hole for high handicap opponents, and 6 points for low team total.
  • Points are awarded based on scores after handicap stroke differential is applied. If after stroke differential is applied, a tie score will result in .5 points awarded to each opponent. 
  • No-show players who fail to obtain subs will lose all 9 points available to them, and their team will lose the 6 points for total. The only points the team can win are points earned by the team partner who plays. The opposing player against the no-show offender will earn points based on playing against the score of an attending player randomly selected by the league secretary.

7.  Etiquette

  • Out of courtesy and for the maximum enjoyment of all players, please keep a timely pace of play. The goal for completing a round is 2-1/2 hrs.  An empty hole in front of your foursome indicates you are seriously behind and should speed up play. League officers will serve as course marshals to keep pace of play.
  • All golfers are encouraged to use carts which helps keep pace of play. Walkers should split up to look for your own golf ball.  
    Cart players should assist walkers looking for a lost golf ball.
  • Play "ready golf." Be prepared to take your shot. Get ready to hit while others are hitting.
  • Particularly around the greens, prepare to putt while others are putting. Hole-out (finish putting) when convenient. 
  • The maximum time allowed to look for lost balls is two minutes.  Opponent is responsible for timing.
  • Park golf carts on the side of the green toward the next tee.
  • DO NOT record scores while on the green; wait until you get to the next tee.  

8.  Prizes

  • In addition to the league awards, other prizes will be awarded at the season finale banquet.

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