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Golf League 2016

Beware, Water Hazard Ahead!

Everyone tonight had to dodge a forgotten water sprinkler spraying enough casual water on the first fairway to “float a boat”.  Despite the tricky start the team of Doxey/Schneider held onto their first place position with just 3 teams within 10 points of them; including two league “rookies” Pearl/Vander Kooy and Stratton/Postema.  Congrats to the teams of Kesler/Shrauger & Vanderberg/Reardon who both shot net 66. Also shout outs to Karl Kuzee shooting 36 (-1) and Gary Kesler shooting 38 (+1).  The best match of the night was McElroy/Kellogg (73) vs DiTrapani/Gilmet (73). On the other end of the spectrum is the team of Haase/Balfour looking at the possibility of playing in the future Officers Match against Reardon/Vanderberg with just 3 scoring weeks left. Remember, if you see anything worthy of reporting out there mention it to Gary and you’ll see it here on the home page. Apologies to Jerry Schneider for leaving him off last week’s Handicap Leaders list.

BIRDIE SHOOTERS:  Karl Kuzee (#1 & #9) Maureen McElroy (#6) Pete Gilmet (#9) John Haase (#1) Leo Reardon (#5) Gary Kesler (#5) 

Low Gross Team- Kuzee’s & DiTrapani/Gilmet 84
Low Net Team- Vanderberg/Reardon & Kesler/Shrauger 66
Low Gross Men- Karl Kuzee 36
Low Net Men- Gary Kesler 28
Low Gross Women- Kay Klosowski 46
Low Net Women- Maureen McElroy 33

Low Gross Team- Klosowski’s 76
Low Net Team- Klosowski’s  56
Low Gross Men- Marty Klosowski 35
Low Net Men- Terry Fisk 24
Low Gross Women- Kay Klosowski 41
Low Net Women- Kay Klosowski 27

HANDICAP LEADERS: Karl Kuzee (1) Doug Wentworth (2) Marty Klosowski (5) Dave DiTrapani (5) Don Zysk (5) Kay Klosowski (7) Tom Born (8) Jerry Schneider (8) Andy Topper (8) Aaron Perry (8) Scott Shrauger (9) John Haase (9) Dan Balfour (9) Dan Vander Kooy (9) Gary Kesler (9)

The League Officers


We always need Subs! If you wish to be a substitute for the season, please register online. Your name will be placed on a roster of subs for league members to call upon. The fee for substitutes is listed on the Registration page. 

League members should review the Rules & Etiquette and Team Handicaps prior to league play. Be sure to check the website frequently during the season for weekly highlights, league standings, and handicap updates.
Your league officers want you to have an exciting and fun season. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions throughout the season, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!
Vice President
John Klein
Wendy Reffeor
Gary Kesler
Mick Doxey




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