Faculty / Staff Golf League

Golf League 2014


Herrera/Topper First Repeat Champions

Antonio Herrera and Andy Topper won their championship match against Reffeor/Klein and became the first team in league history to win the championhip two years in a row. They will retain their positions as President and Vice President for 2015. Second Place goes to Wendy Reffeor and John Klein and the third place finishers by total points earned are Gary Gibbons, Terry Fisk and Alternate Greg Osborne. Three teams shot in the net 60's this week: Burns/Zysk (63) Gibbons/Fisk (66) and Selgo/Tanis (67)
August 25, 2014 STATS
Birdie Shooters- Don Zysk (#11) John Stevenson (#15) Dave DiTrapani (#18) Scott Shrauger (#14) Gary Kesler (#13)

Low Team Gross- Burns/Zysk 77
Low Team Net- Burns/Zysk 63
Low Men's Gross- Don Zysk 35
Low Men's Net- Gary Gibbons 28
Low Women's Gross- Ester Burns 42
Low Women's Net- Terry Selgo  30
Low Team Gross- DiTrapani/Wentworth 73
Low Team Net- Seufert/Perry  55
Low Men's Gross- Karl Kuzee 34
Low Men's Net- Scott Vanderberg 26
Low Women's Gross- Kay Klosowski  39
Low Women's Net- Ellen Tanis & Pam Kellogg 29
Karl Kuzee (2) Bob Ranson (4) Doug Wentworth (4) Don Zysk (4) Marty Klowsoski (5) Dave DiTrapani (6) Andy Topper (6) Scott Shrauger (6) Gary Kesler (7) CJ Mehall (7)John Stevenson (8) Kay Klosowski (8) John Haase (8) Jerry Schneider (9) Marty Burg (9) Ester Burns (9) Dan Balfour (9)Terry Fisk (9) Mick Doxey (10) Aaron Perry (10)
The Tee Time Schedule will also be sent out by e-mail on the Wednesday prior to Monday play. If you have not paid your dues/fees please get them to Mick Doxey as soon as possible or bring them to golf Monday night.


President                  Andy Topper
Vice President         Antonio Herrera
Secretary                  Gary Kesler
Treasurer                 Mick Doxey

We always need Subs! If you wish to be a substitute for the season, please register online.  Your name will be placed on a roster of subs for league members to call upon.  Fee options for substitutes are listed on the Registration page. 

League members should review the Rules & Etiquette and Team Handicaps prior to league play.  Be sure to check the website frequently during the season for weekly highlights, league standings, and handicap updates.
Your league officers want you to have an exciting and fun season.  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions throughout the season, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!
Vice President
Andy Topper
Antonio Herrera
Gary Kesler
Mick Doxey




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