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Student Reflections

At the end of the field trips, while still on location, we asked the students to write in their field books reflecting on the day.  Some of their thoughts:

“The sand was rich and nice to touch and sit on.”  (Lake Michigan dune and beach sand)

“. . . a long walk in the woods was a great nature experience.  I honestly loved it.  We learned more about deltas and such and even saw deer tracks.  It was some trip!”

“Today I learned that sand is very interesting . . . it is made of different types of minerals.  At first, I thought it was going be lame but it was fun and interesting.”

“In the boat it was so cool!!!!! . . . It was my first time going to the lake and I learn(ed) a lot.”

“What I didn't expect on the hike . . . that we (would) have to climb over a lot of tree(s) . . .”

“I like the activity we did on the boat it was fun, I also felt sick in the boat but it was okay . . the water was cool.”

“My day was great.  I liked how I learned everything.  Like how glaciers melt as fast as they moved.  The till that build up at the end of the glacier.”

“. . . walking in the forest was fun . . . all the tree(s) we cross(ed) . . . it was a wonderful day . . . so far this was the longest journey we have taken, but also great.  Best day ever.”

“. . . a long, hot, dang(erous) trail.  But we got to see a ravine.  We found clams and a lot of poison ivy.  It was really fun and exciting.  It was a fun with Mr. W.”

“I learn(ed) that nature changes every day.”


At the end of one day, we also asked the students to reflect on what they had learned from Professor Llerandi-Roman’s talk about the importance of a college education.  Some of their insights:

“I like talking about education . . . why you would like to continue high school, the skills you need in order to be something”

“When you go to college you meet your advisors.”

“Take as many science, language, and math class(es) as you can.”

“We have to work hard to get to college.”

“Prof. (Llerandi-)Roman was talking about careers and how important is to go to college . . . that we use science and math everyday so is important to learn about science at school.”

“What to do to get in college is have good grades and you have to listen to your teachers and what they say . . . you (have) got to take notes on what you learn and you have to (k)now your math.”

“Education - the most important thing if you want a career.”


We asked the students if they would like to take part in FRESH again and why they should be invited back.  All but one said they would like to be in the program again. (One student wrote that he would be busy with other activities summer 2010.)   Typical comments:

“I would enjoy being a part of FRESH next year.  I would because I have learn(ed) a lot (more) then I have in a whole year of school.  I think they should (have me back) because I am a respectable young man.”

“I would like to come back because I could learn more about science and I could help other people learn more . . . If Ms. Webb or Prof. V. wanted me back I could help them with the other facts next year with the younger kids . . .”

“. . . I would love 2 go on more field trips 2 learn more things about science . . . I tried my best and did good this year.”

“I had fun coming to Grand Valley doing the field trip(s) and to meet new people and have new friends . . . I was hard working on my notebooks and I (k)new all my vocabulary words.”

“Ms. Webb and Prof. V. should invite me to be in FRESH next year because I like science a lot and I learned a lot . . .  also it was a fun experience.”

“. . . I was good this year and I like science.”

“I think Ms. Webb and Prof. V. should invite me back because I‘m a person who cares about science and want to learn more about it.”

“. . . I was hard working . . . I was myself and I really enjoyed being in FRESH this year and I can’t wait to be in it next year . . .  I want to learn more about science.  I would also like to go to new place(s) to learn things.”

“. . . it is a fun place to learn science and about nature.  Ms. Webb and Prof. V. should invite me back because I will make them proud to have me.”