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Assessment, Admissions, University Tour, Open House, and Pizza Party!

Students arrive at GVSU with Ms. Webb for the last day of the FRESH Program.
Assessment time.
Admissions officer outlining what is required to be admitted to college.
Future Lakers?
Finally, the much anticipated tour of the dorms!
Students teaching parents how to compare a topographic map of Grand Rapids to a relief model.
Telling a dad how wind direction and velocity are measured.

Sometimes a natural teacher is born!

. . . teaching some of the youngest guests about the water quality of Lake Michigan versus Spring Lake

. . . GVSU President Haas about the wisdom of using permeable asphalt in the parking lots on campus
. . . Provost Davis about conductivity and turbidity
. . . as well as anyone else who is interested
Showing a mom and Mr. Griff which minerals are concentrated in which beach sands.
Provost Davis learning how the model of a glacier works.
. . . and what a stream table can teach you about erosion and deposition.
A great-grandma tries her hand at separating magnetite from the rest of the beach sand.
Provost Davis awarding "Certificates of Accomplishment" to the students.


Students, family members, and special guests celebrate with pizza, chili dogs, sloppy joes,

. . . and cake.