Brian Bossick, Assistant Director of Career Development Services

Brian Bossick said his position as assistant director of Career Development Services allows him to work in two areas he is passionate about: counseling and career development.

Bossick assists students in a variety of ways, including career direction and professional connections, in addition, he reaches out to those who may not be aware of available resources.

“A big part of what I do is meeting with students,” Bossick said. “We do personality and interest testing, look at their strengths and values, and from that help them choose a career direction. We work in collaboration with members of the campus community to get the career conversation started for undecided students.”

Bossick is also the coordinator for US 102, a one-credit, career education class. “We have instructors who come from the counseling center, academic advising, housing and admissions,” he said. “We incorporate everyone who has some career theory background to work with students in the early part of their college career.”

He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from John Carroll University in 2000, and a doctorate degree in counseling psychology from the University of Akron in 2008.

While at Akron, Bossick was matched with Grand Valley to complete his yearlong internship and said he loved his experience. A few years later, a position opened at Grand Valley.

“I was really excited to come back,” he said. “It was the perfect job.”

A counseling psychologist by trade, Bossick originally did not see himself working in academia. However, he found he was drawn to career counseling because of the instant action it brings.

“My job is significantly focused on career,” he said. “There is a strong goal orientation to it. After helping students with personal exploration, you turn it immediately into action.”

In his free time, Bossick enjoys spending time with his family, being outside, watching movies and exercising.

Brian Bossick

Brian Bossick