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Jodee Hunt, Faculty Fellow at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Jodee Hunt learned of a job opening at Grand Valley while she was nearing the end of her graduate career at the University of Kansas. Two weeks after defending her dissertation, she moved to Allendale and began teaching biology classes at the university. Twenty-two years later, she’s tackling a new challenge.

Hunt joined the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship as a faculty fellow, and will interact with faculty members who conduct scholarship and creative work with students. She may directly work with students, but her focus will be to facilitate faculty mentoring of undergraduate scholars.

Hunt said she would like to see more opportunities for faculty members to get involved in mentorship. 

“Working with undergrads can be very intensive, but it’s really worth that effort,” Hunt said. “It’s not always obvious, especially to newer faculty, that this position can be rewarding.”

Jodee Hunt

Jodee Hunt

Since she started at the university in 1995, Hunt, professor of biology, has held various leadership positions. She said being a faculty fellow is yet another opportunity to make an impact.

“Grand Valley is frequently offering faculty, staff, administrators, and even students, opportunities to serve in positions in which we are still evolving,” Hunt said. “Development is still happening in a big way, so anyone that is eager to make an impact has the opportunity to do so.”

As a faculty fellow, Hunt focuses on being a mentor. She said it is a natural transition. Since she was a graduate student, Hunt has mentored 50 students in diverse fields.