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Jennifer Jameslyn, director, Integrative Learning and Advising

Jennifer Jameslyn’s office features a large whiteboard with four columns of tasks to get accomplished. To an outsider, it may look like four different jobs. For Jameslyn, the board outlines her daily responsibilities.

Jennifer Jameslyn

Jennifer Jameslyn

Jameslyn is the director and academic advisor for the Brooks Advising Center. Her involvement is varied: she works on launching new Brooks College programs, advising students throughout their academic careers, and helping students understand the benefits of liberal studies.

Yet, her responsibilities don’t end there. Jameslyn also coordinates the Community Reading Project, a campus-wide reading initiative. Her jobs require her to work on multiple things at once. For the CRP, it means planning programs around "The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas," this year’s book selection, while also planning for next year. 

“I love having various responsibilities because it always keeps me involved,” Jameslyn said. “I try to make sure I work on every project every day.”

To keep everything in focus, Jameslyn looks for ways for her projects to relate. She always brings up the CRP, since it is something that everyone in the campus community can be involved with. When it comes to advising, she wants to be available to students who need her help while also making sure she is working on developing new projects for the college.

Jameslyn is also involved in the Brooks Professionals Series. The series provides Brooks College students with unique opportunities and events to meet with professionals.

“We want to make sure students know how to demonstrate liberal studies skills to professionals,” Jameslyn said.

There is a natural flow to Jameslyn’s projects. Currently, she focuses on students as they work to finalize their schedules for the next semester. Earlier in the year, most of her days were focused on creating and organizing events.

“Even if the projects are not related, everything I do helps me become a better advisor, and, in the end, that helps me help the students,” she said.