Faculty and Staff Sketches

April 21, 2014


In the News

Jonathan White, executive director of the Homeland Defense Initiative, was interviewed by CNN for a story about Odinism in the Frazier Glenn Cross case.


Bopi Biddanda, professor of water resources, gave an invited talk, “Carbon Cycle, Lake Observatory and Sinkhole Science in the Great Lakes,” at the Great Lakes Science in Action Symposium held at the Institute for Great Lakes Research at Central Michigan University.

WGVU Public Media staff members Michael T. Walenta, Timothy Eernisse, Jim Rademaker, Steve Chappell, Phil Lane, Ed Spier, Bob Lumbert and Bradley Gordon have been appointed to the National Educational Telecommunications Association Council.

Amy Russell, assistant professor of biology, wrote an article, “Multilocus Coalescent Analyses Reveal the Demographic History and Speciation Patterns of Mouse Lemur Sister Species,” published in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology.

Chemistry faculty members Rachel Powers and David Leonard co-wrote an article, “Structural Origins of Oxacillinase Specificity in class D beta-lactamases,” published in Antimicrobial Sgents and Chemotherapy.

John Kilbourne, professor of movement science, gave a presentation, “Education in the 21st Century: Creating Activity Permissible Classrooms to Help Students Excel,” at Steelcase University.

Matthew Reidsma, web services librarian, gave a presentation, “Holistic UX: Harnessing Your Library’s Data Fetish to Solve the Right Problems,” presented at the Library Technology Conference in St. Paul, Massachusetts. He also wrote a book, Responsive Web Design for Libraries, published by ALA TechSource.

Jason Crouthamel, associate professor of history, gave a presentation, “Gender and the First World War,” for a roundtable panel at the Society for Military Historians Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Matthew Roberts, instructional designer for eLearning and political science adjunct, gave a presentation, “Instructional Gymnastics 101: What I Learned from My Year in a Flipped Classroom,” at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association.

Takeelia Garrett-Lynn, assistant director of Housing and Residence Life, and University Counseling Center staff members Nicole Marganti and Eric Klingensmith gave a presentation, “After-Hours Campus Emergencies: Training, Collaborating, and Responding as a Team,” at the Annual American College Personnel Association in Indianapolis.

Brent Smith, associate professor of liberal studies, gave a presentation, “An Undisciplined Space: Interdisciplinarity as a Method for Studying Religion,” at the Midwest American Academy of Religion Annual Conference.

Pablo A. Llerandi-Román, associate professor of geology, co-wrote an article, “Impact of Culturally Relevant Contextualized Activities on Elementary and Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Science: An Exploratory Study,” published in the International Journal of Science Education. He also gave a presentation at the University of Puerto Rico.

Salim M. Haidar, professor of mathematics, chaired a session and gave a presentation, “On the Existence of Absolute Weak Minimizers of Energy Functionals Associated with the Boundary Value Problem of Nonlinear Elasticity.” at the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics’ Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations.

College of Education faculty members Faite R-P Mack and Julie Chlebo gave a presentation, “Issues and Recommendations in Teaching Young Gender Different Children,” at the Global Summit on Childhood held in Vancouver, Canada.

Patrick Fuliang Shan, associate professor of history, wrote a book, Taming China’s Wilderness: Immigration, Settlement and the Shaping of the Heilongjiang Frontier, 1900-1931, published by Ashgate Publishing.

Al Steinman, director of the Annis Water Resources Institute, gave an invited presentation, “The Muskegon Lake Area of Concern: Degradation, Restoration, Valuation, and Occasional Frustration,” at the Water@Wayne seminar series at Wayne State University. The title of his presentation was

Steve Chappell, grant administrator and project manager at WGVU, received a grant from Public Media Connect CET for the WGVU Public Media “Brush!” project through the Delta Dental Foundation.

Ellen Schiller, associate professor of education, received a grant from the Michigan Department of Education for a project, “Science Teacher Education and Development Part III.”

Edward Aboufadel, professor of mathematics, wrote an article, “3D Printing the MAA Logo’s Icosahedron,” published in MAA Focus.

Danielle Leek, associate professor of communications, gave a presentation, “Incentives for Student Participation in New Communication Centers,” at the National Communication Centers Annual Conference at Arizona State University.