Faculty/Staff Registration of Wireless Cards

Students do not need to register

The owner of the wireless network card is responsible for any network access using this card. If you dispose of or sell this card please contact Academic Computing at 616-331-2101 to have it removed from the list.

Please check the Information Technology page under the Grand Valley Home Page at www.gvsu.edu/it/wireless for the areas where wireless access is available.

All information on the form below is required before the card can be activated and used. The turnaround time for registration is one full working day after receipt of the completed form. You will be notified by email when the card has been registered.


Wireless networks do have the added risk that it is technically possible for someone to eavesdrop on the information you send over the network. While it is technically possible to listen in on wireless network traffic, it is technically harder to make any meaningful sense out of it. Eavesdropping on network communication (wireless or wired) is illegal and a violation of Information Technology Policies and Student Code. All violations will result in disciplinary action with the appropriate authority. As with any sensitive data (wireless or wired), take precautionary measures prior to transferring this type of data.

When using wireless technology on campus be sure that all passwords and personal information is only sent to secure web sites. Secure web sites are ones that use SSL encryption, look for the gold lock in the lower right corner of the web browser to confirm if a web site uses SSL.


First Name:
Last Name:

GVSU Network Userid (ex. doej.dept):

Device Type (i.e. cell phone, laptop, pda):


Your network card has an address that uniquely identifies it, and that's the address that is needed to register your card.

Different manufacturers use different names for the address:

Sometimes the address is printed on the paperwork that came with the computer, sometimes it's printed on the wireless card, and sometimes it's printed on the bottom of the computer. Or you can click START > RUN and type 'cmd'. Once that screen appears, type the command 'ipconfig /all' and you'll get back a screen of network configuration details. The Physical Address is what is needed to register your wireless adaptor.

Enter your card's network address (ex. 0e-f9-03-1b-7c-d3):
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Office Address

Zip Code:
Telephone Number:(xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Email Address:

For assistance with completing this form, please contact the Computing and Technology Services Help Desk at 616-331-2101.