Announcement of the GVSU Center for Leadership & Innovation

Date: May 3, 2012

GVSU is pleased to announce a new offering from the Seidman College of Business – The Center for Leadership & Innovation. This new initiative will be directed to public and private companies, including Family Owned Businesses. The focus of this new and exciting Center will be for leadership and innovation development for mid-to-upper level and high potential managers and executives. The Center will utilize resources both outside and within the University and will collaborate and engage the local business community. The Center will focus on performance and results, tools to translate education into ethical action, technology-based platforms to deliver content, integration with real-world business challenges, and instruction from battle-hardened executives. The objective will be to develop participants with the emotional fortitude and practical tools to handle the ever-increasing challenges of today’s business environment.

Paul M. Heroman will lead the start-up phase, which will include the implementation and development of the Center. Mr. Heroman has held leadership roles in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, including his own consulting practice. He brings strong operational and business management experience, and last year completed the Executive MBA program at the University of Notre Dame, graduating with honors. Recently, he has been involved with several start-up entities and participated in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s “Shifting Gears Program.” He is very active in the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids East and resides, with his wife Barbara, in Grand Rapids.

Contact Information:
Paul M. Heroman, Project Coordinator