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The Family Owned Business Institute's mission is to promote, preserve, influence, and impact family businesses through quality academic research, curriculum, and information services. The web resource is designed to serve the needs of family businesses, researchers and scholars in the field of family business. 


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 What's New at FOBI?

FOBI Has a New Director.

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 What does it Mean?   Family Business Research Explained.   

 One of the top family business researchers in the world today is Dr. Mattias Nordqvist.  He is the Hamrin  International Professor of Family Business and the Director of Center for Family Enterprise and  Ownership at Jönköping University in Sweden. In this Family Business Magazine article FOBI Director Dr.  Joe Horak unpacks one of his recent research findings explaining what it means for family business leaders.

 Read a Recent Interview with Dr. Nordqvist.


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