2014 Scholars

"From Research to Practice: Planning for New Futures in Family Business Education."

Alfredo De Massis - Lancaster University

Josip Kotlar - Lancaster University


"Bridging the Gap in Family Firm Innovation Research: Understanding Differences by Integrating Absorptive Capacity."

Joshua J. Daspit - Mississippi State University

Rebecca G. Long - Mississippi State University


"Philanthropy in Family Firms: Understanding the Governance of and Motivation for Philanthropic Efforts of Family Firms."

Isabel C. Botero - University of Kentucky

Neus Feliu - ESADE/Lansberg Gersick and Associates


"Organizational Crises in Family Firms: The Effects on Intergenerational Innovation."

Francesco Barbera - Stetson University

Isabell Stamm - University of California, Berkley

Rocki-Lee DeWitt - University of Vermont


2013 Scholars

"Investigative long-term orientation and entrepreneurial orientation in multi-generational family firms"

Justin Craig - Northeastern University
Eric Clinton - Dublin City University
Vanessa Diaz - Dublin City University

"The buck stops here….and here: A study of Co-CEOs in family business"

Annette Rahael - George Washington University

"Good Practices in Family Business Governance Structure and Its Impact on Financial Performance"

Jorge Isaac Moreno Gomez - CORPORACIÓN UNIVESIDAD DE LA COSTA, Colombia

"Understanding the Effects of the External Environment on Family Firms"

Laurel Ofstein - Western Michigan University
Derrick McIver - Western Michigan University
John Mueller - Western Michigan University


2012 Scholars

“Exploring the role of spiritual leadership within family firms”
Kristen Day - University of Tennessee
Franz Kellermanns - University of Tennessee
“Family capital – the theoretical and practical solution for entrepreneurial capacity over generations in family businesses.”
Leif Melin-Jönköping International Business School
Ethel Brundin-Jönköping International Business School
“Family ownership, succession intentions, and professionalization”
Hanqing Fang - Mississippi State University
Esra Memili - University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Robert Van de Graaff Randolph - Mississippi State University
James J. Chrisman - Mississippi State University
Tim Barnett - Mississippi State University
“The role of family capital in impoverished settings”
Robert S. Nason - Syracuse University
David Gras - Syracuse University
G.T. Lumpkin - Syracuse University


2011 Scholars

Family Offices and the Future
Dianne H.B. Welsh - University of North Carolina
Kirby Rosplock - Gen Spring Family Offices
Juan Luis Segurado - Spain
"Measuring Performance in Family Businesses:  The State of the Art and Roadmap for Advancing Family Business Research and Practice"
Daniel Holt - Mississippi State University
Jon Carr - Texas Christian University
"Understand Hybrid Identity Organizations: The Case of Publicly listed Family Business"
Borje Boers - Jonkoping International Business School - Sweden
Mattias NordgvistJonkoping International Business School - Sweden
"Family Business Identity and Information Exploration"
Mahendra Joshi - Grand Valley State University


2010 Scholars

Human Capital Impacts on Innovation in Entrepreneurial Family Firms.
Richard Gottschall - Concordia University
Alexandra Dawson - Concordia University
Pramodita Sharma - Concordia University
"Contextualizing Organizational Boundary Decisions: Management Consulting in Family Business."
David Hanisch - European Business School
Sabine B. Klein - WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
"A Case Study Analysis of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Strategies in Small and Medium Enterprise Family Owned Businesses in India."
Jayanth Jayaram - University of South Carolina
Jaideep Motwani - Grand Valley State University
Mita Dixit - BITS Pilani University
"Toward a Theory of Accountability in Family Businesses"
Torsten M. Pieper - Kennesaw State University
Rebecca Guidice - University of Nevada
Neal Mero - Kennesaw State University
"Inherent Family Business Brand Equity and Consumers' Product Preferences"
Tim Hasso - Bond University
"The Impact of Family Involvement on Productivity of the Firm"
Francesco Barbera - Bond University
Ken Moores - Bond University


2009 Scholars

"Dynamic Capabilities in Family Firms: A Knowledge-Based Approach"
Francesco Chirico - University of Lugano
Carl Salvato - University of Bocconi - Italy
"The Succession Process: An Examination of Perceptions from Stakeholders' Perspectives"
Sonia Dalmia - Grand Valley State University
Nancy M. Levenburg - Grand Valley State University
"The House of: When Family Businesses and Business Families Rise, Stand, Fall, and Rise Again"
Reg Litz - University of Manitoba
"Non-family Managers' Compensation in Family Firms: Tournament and Game Theory Perspectives"
Esra Memili - Mississippi State University
Kaaustav Misra - Mississippi State University
James J. Chrisman - Mississippi State University
"Does Work-Family Integration or Segmentation Work Better: Evidence from Family Businesses"
John Perry - Wichita State University


2008 Scholars

"The Impact of Family Business Ownership and Management on Families"
William Gibb Dyer - Bringham Young University
William Justin Dyer - University of Illinois
"Stakeholder Management, Ethical Behavior, and Performance of Family Businesses: A Systems View"
Sanjay Goel - University of Minnesota
"To Develop a Family Orientation Scale"
George T. Lumpkin - Texas Tech University
Wendy L. Martin - Trinity International University
"Family Ties: For Love or Money?"
Torsten M. Pieper - Kennesaw State University
Ann B. Gillette - Kennesaw State University
Lucy F. Ackert - Kennesaw State University
"Interest Alignment and CEO Compensation in Family Controlled Firms"
Vijay Singal - Virginia Tech University
Manisha Singal - Virginia Tech University
"Effects of Hedge Fund Investment in Founding Family Controlled Firms"
Sridhar Sundaram - Grand Valley State University

2007 Scholars

"The Effects of Human Resources Management, Manufacturing and Marketing Strategies on Competitive Strategy and Firm Performance in an Emerging Economy: A Comparative Analysis"
Moses Acquaah - University of North Carolina
Kwasi Amoako-Gyampah - University of North Carolina
Jayanth Jayaram - University of South Carolina
"The Development of Entrepreneurial Strategies in Family Business"
Joe Astrachan - Kennesaw State University
Gaia Marchisio - Kennesaw State University
Pietro Mazzola - IULM University - Italy
"Stakeholder Salience in the Family Firm"
James J. Chrisman - Mississippi State University
John Kirk Ring - Mississippi State University
"Beyond Principal-principal Agency Theory: The Rising Influence of Foreign Minority Principals Versus Dominant Family Owners in an Emerging Economy"
Robert E. Hoskisson - Rice University
Heechun Kim - Georgia State University
"The Impact of Family Influence Level and Family Influence Type on the Performance of Family Businesses in Germany and France"
Peter Jaskiewicz - University of Alberta - Canada
"A Typology for Capturing the Heterogeneity of Family Firms"
Pramodita Sharma - Concordia University - Canada
Mattias Nordgvist - Jönköping International Business School - Sweden
"Hispanic Family-Owned Businesses in Kent County, Michigan"
Carol M. Sanchez - Grand Valley State University


2006 Scholars

"The Evolution of Social Responsibility in Family-Owned Firms"
W. Gibb Dyer - Bringham Young University
"Toward a Stewardship Theory of Family Firms"
Franz W. Kellermanns - Mississippi State University
Kimberly A. Eddleston - Northeastern University
"Toward a Theory of Intergenerational Creativity with Help from the Marsalis Family"
Reg A. Litz- University of Manitoba
"Benchmarking Family Business Research with Other Disciplines: Implications from a Satisfied Meta Analysis of Papers Published in Flagship Journals"
Jaideep Motwani- Grand Valley State University


2005 Scholars

"The Impact of Organizational Culture onto the Board Size of Family Businesses"
Sabine B. Klein- WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
"Family Ownership and Worker Compensation"
Henrik Cronqvist- Claremont McKenna College
Mattias Nilsson- Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Commitment as a Competitive Advantage in Family Business"
James H. Davis- University of Notre Dame
David H. Hayes- University of Notre Dame
Stephen McClure- University Purdue
"FFOBS: A Proposal to Develop a Culturally Sensitive Scale to Measure Family Dynamics, Business Dynamics and their Interface"
Nancy Levenburg- Grand Valley State University
"The Impact of Lean Manufacturing on Family Firm Performance and Internal Stakeholder Relationships"
Alan G. Robinson- University of Massachusetts
Bill Wooldridge- University of Massachusetts


2004 Scholars

"The Impact of Spousal Support and Involvement on Family Business Start-Ups"
Sharon M. Danes- University of Minnesota
"Calling of the Farm: Case Studies of Successors and their Children in New Zealand"
Patricia and Paul Frishkoff- Leadership in Family Enterprise
Operational Effectiveness as a Source of Strategic Advantage in Family Owned Businesses: An Analytical and Empirical Study"
Ashok Kumar- Grand Valley State University
Vipin Gupta- Simmons College
"Do Agency Costs Inhibit Foreign Collaborations by Family Firms" An Empirical Investigation"
Hari Singh- Grand Valley State University


2003 Scholars

"Governance in Family Business: Managing Identities and Boundaries"
Sid Barton- University of Cincinnati 
Glen Kreiner- Pennsylvania State University
Chamu Sundaramurthy- Sandiego State University
"Family Businesses and Employment Stability: An Empirical Examination"
Jim Lee-  Texas A&M University Corpus Christ


2002 Scholars

"Investigation of Differences in Management of Founding Family Controlled Firms between Founders and their Descendants Based Upon Performance, Risk, and Value"
Yatin Bhaqwat- Grand Valley State University
"A Framework for Evaluating E-Business Applications for Family-Owned Businesses"
Nancy Levenburg- Grand Valley State University
Simha Magal- Grand Valley State University


2001 Scholars

"Succession Planning Practices in SME's: An Empirical Analysis of West Michigan Family Businesses"
Jaideep Motwani- Grand Valley State University
"Is Market Orientation Related to Performance? An Empirical Analysis of Family Owned Businesses"
Ram Subramanian- Montclair State University


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