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Family Owned Business Management (MGT 437)

Offered through the management department of the Seidman College of Business, the Family Owned Business course brings Grand Valley students face-to-face with established members of the West Michigan family owned business community. These guest lecturers teach students with or without family business background about the intricate connections between management, ownership and family that are unique to family firms. They are exposed to case study practices through the stories of real, local family businesses and analysis of written cases.  

Students are also challenged to think critically about their own personal and career development through various personality tests and the final life plan assignment. The course includes learning theories and assessments pertaining to leadership, family functioning and values. Participants are encouraged to share ideas, resources, and experiences for a practical and interactive learning experience.

Family Business Case Studies - Strategy (Coming Soon)

Focusing on a family business context, the class is organized around the case study method. By focusing on family enterprise cases, the goal of the course is to instill in students strong analysis, recommendation and presentation abilities. As a result, the method also provides a training tool for preparing students to be professional advisors or leaders of family enterprises. The complexity and diversity of issues that case analysis provides leads to students who actively utilize theoretical frameworks in order to ‘make sense’ of real-life situations. Various models for analyzing family enterprises will be utilized. The course will require working in teams and working with the speech lab to increase presentation skills. The team for the 2017 Global Family Enterprise Case Competition may be chosen from students in this course.