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Title: Handbook of Research on Family Business
Authors: Kosmas X. Smyrnios, Panikkos Zata Poutziouris, Sabine B. Klein
Edition: 1
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 2006; Northampton, Massachusetts
"The Handbook of Research on Family Business" provides a comprehensive first port of call for those wishing to survey progress in the theory and practice of family business research. In response to the extensive growth of family business as a topic of academic inquiry, the principal objective of the Handbook is to provide an authoritative and scholarly overview of current thinking in this multidisciplinary field.
Title: Practice What you Preach
Author: David Maister
Edition: 1
Publisher: The Free Press 2001; New York, 33
Digging deeper by conducting in-depth interviews with managers and employees of the firms he surveyed, Maister has found that the key to success is not the systems of the firm, but the character and skills of the individual manager.
Title: An Index of Family Controlled Publicly Traded Companies
Authors: B. Leleux, J. Lange, J. Shulman, R. Kleiman, W. Petty
Edition: 1
Publisher: Babson College Publishing 1996; Boston, Michigan
Frontiers of Entrepreneurial Research, Babson College
Title: Handbook of Family Business and Family Business Consultation
Author: Florence Whiteman Kaslow
Edition: 1
Publisher: International Business Press 2006; Binghamton, New York
Handbook of Family Business and Family Business Consultation
Title: Transgenerational Entrepreneurship
Authors: Mattias Nordqvist, Thomas Zellweger
Edition: 1
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. 2010; Northampton, Michigan
Introducing a new concept in family businesses, Transgenerational Entrepreneurship addresses how these businesses achieve growth and longevity through entrepreneurial activities.
Title: Keeping The Family Business Healthy
Author: John Ward
Edition: 1
Publisher: Jossey-Bass 1987; San Fransico,
Less than one-third of family-owned businesses survive into the second generation. Why? Often they fail because their owners or managers avoid making needed decisions about the company's future.
Title: Women in Family Business Leadership Roles
Authors: Ken Moores, Mary Barrett
Edition: 1
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. 2009; Northampton, Michigan
Mary Barrett and Ken Moores breathe new life into research on one of the largest and yet frequently overlooked business sectors. They analyze thirteen international cases of women in family business to discover how women attained leadership or, sometimes, failed to do so.
Title: Creating Effective Boards for Private Enterprises: Meeting the Challenges of Continuity and Competition
Author: John Ward
Edition: 1
Publisher: Business Owner Resources 1997; Marietta, 11
The most complete handbook on boards for small to midsize private and family businesses, this bbook shows how to build a dynamic board of directors that can enhance the owner's ability to run the business.
Title: Family Business Sourcebook III
Authors: Craig E. Aronoff, Joseph H. Astrachan, John L. Ward
Edition: 3
Publisher: Family Enterprise Publishers 2002; Marietta, 11
The most comprehensive answers to complex family business issues.
Title: More Than Family: Non-Family Executives in the Family Business
Authors: John Ward, Craig Aronoff
Edition: 1
Publisher: Business Owner Resources 2000; Marietta,
The success, growth and well-being of a family business depends on its ability to attract, motivate, develop and retain outstanding executives who are not kin. Volume 13 in the Family Business Leadership Series explains how to do that and contains profound insights into the effect on non-family executives of such crucial issues as succession, compensation, ownership, relations between executives and the owning family, and much more.
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