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Scholarship Search Tips

Important Dates Important Dates

Start early & stay organized.

To be considered for as many scholarships as possible, start your search at least one year in advance. The majority of scholarship deadlines will be between December and March for the upcoming year. Make a file of the scholarships and their deadlines so you apply on time. Make a copy of the application and any attachments. Also make sure to find a contact number or name to follow up with the scholarship donor.

For Grand Valley scholarships there are several important deadlines to remember. For incoming freshman and transfer students a complete admissions application must be submitted before December 31 to be considered for incoming student scholarships.

For all other Grand Valley scholarships the application period opens October 1 with a February 15 deadline for new students and March 1 deadline for current students. Review and apply for scholarships by logging into myScholarships.

Do your research.

It is best to start your scholarship search the year before you need the scholarships. For incoming students, high school guidance offices  are good sources of scholarship information. You may also wish to check with local organizations, businesses, churches and your parents' employers. Remember, you should never have to pay for financial aid or scholarship searches.

Be patient.

Sometimes it will be months before you know you have been chosen to receive a scholarship. If you are awarded a Grand Valley scholarship you will be notified by mail. Awards are typically made in late spring prior to the upcoming academic year.

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