Film and Video Production



The Summer Film Project, founded in 1995, brings students, faculty and industry professionals together on the production of a film.  The preproduction and filming takes place in the summer session.  The fall semester is devoted to postproduction where students complete the film and prepare for its premiere at a local movie theatre and enter it into film festivals across the country.  See these award-winning films as well as the stories behind each production.

The Summer Film Project is open to intermediate and advanced film/video majors who then enroll in the following courses:

CFV 328 Intermediate Film Practicum

CFV 428 Advanced Film Practicum

CFV 429 Post Production Film Practicum

SHOOTING: Summer Session (late June - early August) CFV 328/428
Prerequisite: CFV424, 328, 321, or 226

EDITING: Fall Session CFV 429
Prerequisite: CFV 330 or CBR 281








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