Film and Video Production




FALL 2015 Deadline: Friday, October 2, 3:00 pm - 290 LSH

WINTER 2016 Deadline: Friday, February 5, 3:00 PM - 290 LSH



  • To support production of film, video, audio, computer-generated media, or any combination of these.
  • May not be used to cover travel, food, or the purchasing of equipment, but may be used to purchase memory
  • Individuals or groups may apply.
  • Must be for credit, as part of class.
  • Amount requested should be $100-$1,000. Funds are limited.
  • Past grantees must have shown evidence that they completed their earlier project(s) by deadline and exhibited earlier projects.
  • This grant is for actual expenses.  You will be reimbursed for your expenses and will not receive a cash advance.
  • All awardees must see Deborah Barko in the SOC office in order to properly submit receipts.
  • Submit all materials in a 9 x 12 manila envelope.


    • Fall semester application deadline is on the first Friday in October, 5pm in 290 LSH
    • Winter semester application deadline is on the first Friday in February, 5pm in 290 LSH
    • Completion of funded projected is required within 6 months of announcement of award.
    • Must be exhibited publicly.


    • Full/part time student majoring in Film & Video
    • In good standing


See a sample of a previous successful application here (pdf).

Include the following in your application.  Incomplete applications are not likely to receive funding.


  • Introductory Materials:
    • Your name(s), contact information, funds requested
    • Title and approximate running time.
    • Course Name
    • Medium, including format.
    • Mode/style (documentary, experimental, etc.)
  • Is the application for a complete project or one or more segment(s) of a larger project?
  • Concept/theme. What underlying themes does your project address? (1-2 sentences)
  • Rationale (Why should this idea be supported by a grant? What is it about this particular story or idea that will be of value to viewers?)
  • Treatment/scenario/storyboard (1-3 pages).
  • Submit a full screenplay if requesting production funds for a fictional narrative. You may include flow charts or anything else that will help us understand your plans.
  • Detailed budget (important: indicate which portion you are requesting the production grant for, and which portion you are providing funds for.) Each item's cost x # of days = total cost.
  • Projected need for SOC equipment. 
  • Explain why the materials you are requesting funding for are necessary to the success of your film.  In other words, justify the need for this expense as it relates to the storytelling.
  • Sample(s) of past work, with statement about how the work is relevant to the proposed project (DVD or link to online version)
  • Timetable for proposed project's completion.
  • Defense of project's feasibility. How you plan to complete the project, given constraints of experience, time, money and equipment.
  • Submit all materials in a 9 x 12 manila envelope.
  • If you receive the grant, include a credit at the end of your video that says: Partial funding for this project provided by the GVSU Film/Video Production Grant


    • Highest priority for funding will be given to those needs that directly enable the completion of this particular project, e.g. equipment rental, tape/film stock, construction materials, costuming, etc. Graphics tablets and software are eligible as long as project demonstrates a real need for their purchase.


Submit a hard copy of entire application, including a DVD of sample work to the School of Communications office (290 LSH)

(Must be submitted by 3:00 PM on the deadline date)


Contact  Anal Shah, Aaron Schuelke, or Suzanne Zack if you have any 
additional questions.


2015 Winter
Arthur Bowman (New Media Project – Illuminations), Lauren Somers (New Media Project – Humans of Grand Valley), Erika Collin and Adriana Robinson (Documentary – Wyoming 1 on 1),  Alexia Feier (Documentary – Pretty), Alexandra Keathley and Sean McIntyre (Documentary – Beneath the Surface), Jeremiah Bulkowski and Joe Gurzik (Fiction – Father’s Fortune), Nishan Fernando (Fiction – Restraint), Tim Mumbrue (Fiction – Luchando Mi Vida), Leah Mazzaro and Ryan King (Fiction – ManScout), Michael Planondon (Fiction – Brother, brother), Randall Gottler (Fiction – Ms. Robinson)


2014 Fall
Brian Gotberg and John Markus (fiction – Totality), Nishan Fernando and Caleb Hill (fiction – Dropping the Mic), Sean Hogan (fiction – Nature Dale)


2014 Winter:
Jamie Bartkowicz and Adam Duke (fiction – C.O.R.P.S.E Incorporated), Jesse Routhier and Brian Gotberg (fiction – Still), Ashley Frieswyck (fiction – The Call of Cavities), Raquel Bordin and Tim Schepers (fiction – Jo Green), Alexandra Andreoni, Jon Curtis, Todd Fenton, Andrew Moore (documentary – Growing Up), Taylor Robida, Alyssa Leske, CJ Pobur, James Christie (documentary – Sex & The Super Natural)


Brian Gotberg (Non-Fiction - The Hart of Michigan), Godwin Jabangwe (Narrative - Kill Me…a LITTLE), Jamie Bartkowicz (Narrative - The Midnight Marauders), Natalie Phillips (Experimental - Dancing the Roomba Pt. 1)

Christina and Stephanie Choriatis (musical narrative – You Rascal You), Michael Johnson (fiction – The Underdog) , Natalie Phillips (experimental – Mapping in the Other Views), Jackson Ezinga (fiction - Tipi)


Brad Alonzo (fiction – Wise Words), Jess Kean (fiction – Love Muffin), Casey Burr (fiction – Seth & Beth)

Andrew Zimmerman and Natalie Wozniak (fiction – How to Love Me), Elise Williams (animation – A Perfect Fit), Zaven Mouradian (fiction – Cupidity), Kyle Skerbe and Andrew Dennison (documentary – From Bean to the Cup), Zach Plumb (documentary – Made in Grand Rapids).

Randy Stroble and Russ Kaminski (Tenpins), Chris Gagnon (The Recyclist), Michael Martin and Corey Martin (Mary Jane Dockery), Andrew Zimmerman and Natalie Wozniak (The Rental), Benjamin Perry and Kayla Carr (Off Camera: A Tale of True Love)

Fall:  Tom Gunnels, Director, and Chelsea Micinski, Producer, of The Book Exchange (fiction); Greg Kort, Director, and Andrew DeYoung, Producer, of The Ticket; Alan Ledford, Director of Playing with Matches; John Shaw, Director, and Sean Francis, Producer, of Man's Best Friend
Winter:  Chris Kotcher/Lisa Kaline, "Springfield and Summer Sausage" (fiction, 16mm); Selia Martinez, "Behind the Comedy" (documentary); Evan Witkowski, "The Visions of Mic Higan" (fiction)

Fall:  Jillian Cole, "[Grand] Rapid Growth" (documentary); Kathryn Postema, "Dan's Macabre" (fiction); Zachry Page and Celeste Klaus, "Assisted Living" (fiction)

Winter: Erin Krajewski, "Dennis Louis and the Most Beautiful Picture Show" (fiction, 16mm); Anna Gustafson "Lost in the Park" (fiction, video); Alex Smith "In Tandem" (fiction, 16mm); Michael Elzinga "Halo Hero" (documentary, video)

Fall:  Joshua Lynn, "Heirs of Empires" (fiction); Kevin Parson, "Canvas" (fiction); Erin Krajewski, "A Leaf in Autumn" (fiction)

Winter:  James Foltice, "Harry Hill" (fiction/animation); Kristen Gorlitz,"The Magician" (fiction); Josh Kinne, "Lady Sunshine" (fiction);  Danny Quaka, "Olivia's Gift" (documentary); Max Rutecki,"Times Before Snow" (fiction)

Fall:  Adam Goron, Devin Cameron, Jacob Beavers, Joshua Beagle and Matthew Nickels

Winter:  Patrick Kwiatowski, Colin Weber, Matt Dressel, Melissa McKerchie and Nate Russell

Fall:  Scott Sheppard, Andrew Fortenbacher, Kellen Parr, Sarah Pierantoni, Justin Clark and Forrest Karbowski

Winter:  Paul DeLeeuw, Matthew Dressel, Todd Campbell, Chris Michael and Katy Skubic

Joseph Warner, Emily Kerkstra, Amy Puffenberger and Kevin Vanderhoof

Fall:  Thomas O'Rourke, Kristin Ojaniemi

Spring:  Dustin Foster, Mark Hensley, Bryant Osikowicz and Ryan Betzler, George Kitson, Joseph MacDonald and Luke MacDonald, Patrick Priest






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