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Internship Purpose

The primary purpose of an internship in the Film & Video Production major is to provide a student with real-life work experiences related to the major. An internship is part of the student's total academic experience and is not a job per se; it is a learning opportunity having direct relationships to the student's program of study and career interests.

How To Find An Internship

Many students are able to find internships through networking and/or family and friend contacts.  Before choosing an internship, it's recommended that you research all available opportunities so that you find the best match for your experience level and interest.

All employers are asked to register their internships with LakerJobs, so that is often the best place to begin. You can also look for jobs, rather than internships, while attending GVSU and also after you have graduated.

International Internships

Check out the opportunities for both Study Abroad and Internships Abroad for Film & Video Production!

Padnos International Center

Study Abroad

How to Set Up an Internship

Specific information for STUDENTS is available here.
Specific information for EMPLOYERS is available here.  

Career Services Internship Financial Award

The Career Services Office of Grand Valley State University is committed to increasing student participation in internships, practica, and co-ops.  As a result, this award has been established to help off-set the costs of working in unpaid internships, for students who have demonstrated financial need.

Award Criteria & Application

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Internship agreements are approved by the faculty internship coordinator for your major only after your employer agrees to it. When you submit your agreement, it automatically goes to the employer; when they approve it, it automatically goes to the faculty member. When they enter a permit in Banner and approve your agreement, you automatically will get an email.

2) You must still register in Banner--the agreement approval does NOT mean you are registered.

3) There are THREE semesters in the spring and summer. "Spring" is first six weeks (May-June), "summer" is second six weeks (July-August) and 'spring/summer" is 12 weeks, May-August. The permit entered in Banner is for the SPECIFIC SECTION of 490 that matches the semester you put on your agreement and the number of credits you requested. Spring is sections 1-6, summer is sections 7-12, spring/summer is sections 13-18. The sections are for internships ranging in credits from one-six for each semester.

4) Each credit is earned by 50 hours of work in an internship.

The Internship Coordinator for Film & Video Production majors is

Professor Kim Roberts