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Dirk Koning Film/Video Scholarship


Applications are submitted via the GVSU scholarship system, myScholarships.

Application Guidelines for Dirk Koning Film/Video Scholarship

Dirk Koning was the founding Director of the Community Media Center in Grand Rapids MI, and an adjunct faculty member at GVSU. Dirk was a media visionary, a passionate ambassador for public access, who believed that the airwaves belong to the people. He was an internationally recognized media activist and champion for free speech. Dirk died unexpectedly in 2005 at the age of 48. We have named this scholarship in his honor.

Scholarship moneys from this fund are awarded on a competitive basis to upper level* Film and Video Production majors who have made or intend to make media that contributes to the improvement of society. Individual scholarships, in the $1000 range, are not automatically renewable, but students may re-apply. Scholarship awards begin fall of the following academic year.

Awards are based on an essay, resume, and grade point average, determined by a committee consisting of Film/Video faculty and community representatives.

 *55 credits or more


Application Guidelines:

1. Include a cover page:


Student number

Local address (City, state, zip, telephone, email)

Permanent address (City, state, zip, telephone)

Declared major

Overall GPA


2. Include a two or three page essay with two parts:

A personal statement outlining your background, goals, directions and plans after graduation. (20 points)


A statement on what you feel needs to be improved in society, and how you have used media tools (or intend to use media) to address this need. (50 points)


The goal of social action media can be addressed in a variety of ways. Candidates are encouraged to propose other responses to the topic than those listed here.  Here are a few possible frameworks.

  • The projected message can address a theme relating to the betterment of society,
  • The  student can act as a philanthropist, such as in the donation of media skills for non-profit community or arts agencies,
  • The student can choose to work in methods outside of the mainstream media industry: as an artist, in community media, or as an advocate documentarian.


3. Include your resume in PDF format. (10 points)

4. Include a copy of a recent transcript in PDF format. This can be done in MyBanner. (20 points)

DEADLINE: March 1st


Applications are submitted via the GVSU scholarship system, myScholarships.




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