Film and Video Production


The Scholarship: The Alexander Calder Honors Scholarship is an award of $1000 applied toward tuition at Grand Valley State University. The Calder Scholarship Committee awards one scholarship per year, and names an alternate in case the winner is unable to accept the prize.

Who is eligible:
The competition for the scholarship is open to students majoring in any
discipline in the fine arts at Grand Valley, specifically students in Art & Design, Film & Video, Music, Theatre, Photography and Dance. The candidates are selected by the faculty
from their units, and are expected to be in their final year of undergraduate study in 2007-2008 (i.e. they are juniors at the time of the competition and are awarded funding for their senior year). Candidates should not only show talent in their own fields, but should have good academic records and should be able to articulate their understanding of their art both on paper and in person. Each of the units listed above may nominate up to two candidates per year.  Since the Calder Committee will interview all the candidates nominated (two per area)—who have turned in their applications on time—it is important that the candidates have unit support.

Application Guidelines

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