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Admission Policy & Guidelines

Students interested in the Film and  Video Production Major are urged to declare their major promptly upon admission to GVSU (do not wait for secondary admission to the Film/Video major) and to maintain regular contact with their advisor to ensure proper course enrollment and steady progress toward full acceptance.

In order to maintain high-quality instruction, the Film & Video Production major limits the number of students accepted each year into the major.  Students who have been accepted into the major through the Secondary Admission process are then allowed to take CFV 226 and all 300- and 400- level film/video courses.


To apply for Secondary Admission, students are required to achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA in the two Film/Video pre-admission courses (CFV 123 and 125) and a 2.5 GPA for their overall courses.  

Keep in mind that your entire application package, as well as your overall performance in class, is considered at the time of application.  Simply meeting the required GPAs does not guarantee admission into the GVSU Film/Video Major.

The following required pre-admission courses may be taken in any order.

CFV 123 Survey of Media Production Modes

CFV 125 Media Production I

Having met these requirements, students will submit an admissions application. All prospective majors must submit an admission application packet. Read the Application Guidelines carefully. Applications are accepted the first Monday of November, April, and August.


Sample Essay

Sample Project Critique

Petition to Substitute Pre-Admission Courses

Students can make a request to substitute pre-admission courses on the basis of course work completed at a post-secondary institution for which they have received a GPA above 3.0. Many colleges and universities have arranged established equivalencies, but if your school has not yet done so, see your advisor to make the request. In order to make the request, you must supply the syllabus for the course taken at the other institution.

High school training or other non-college training will not be considered the equivalent of course work at GVSU.


Please contact Professor Kim Roberts with questions or concerns regarding these policies and guidelines.