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Thank you for your interest in the Grand Valley State University Athletic and Recreation Facilities. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a status review: being reviewed, tentative, or confirmed. Once status is confirmed, you will be notified with written confirmation. Thereafter, if applicable, the details of your event will begin to be processed.

Terms and Conditions

1) Prospective lessee understands that a facility rental agreement will likely be required.

2) Costs may be incurred. Costs may include rental fees, equipment fees, staff, food, custodial, security, or facility rental charges incurred to successfully complete the event.

3) Grand Valley State University, and the Department of Athletic and Recreation Facilities, reserve the right to bill for charges incurred to host the event not known at the time the rental agreement is issued.

4) Once a space request is submitted, a series of internal steps occur leading to the successful completion of the event. The Department of Athletic and Recreation Facilities reserves the opportunity to invoice the lessee for scheduling support and event planning if event is canceled for a reason of the lessee's, after confirmation of the event at GVSU. This will not occur if the reason is due to unforeseen facility issues.

5) Financial deposits for events must be made on the timetable as outlined in the facility rental agreement. Grand Valley Groups may provide the Banner FOAP for transferring funds when submitting facility requests.

6) Facility space online "requests" will normally be processed within two to three weeks of online submission. Some events will require additional time to be reviewed and for a decision to be made approving or denying. On rare occasions the process may take longer for a variety of reasons. Requests submitted online with less than two week notice will frequently be denied, however, exceptions are possible in extreme circumstances.


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