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Farmers Market

2017 Vendors

Contact if you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a vendor.

Click here to view our online listing. You can leave comments and rate us! 

The Bridge Card Voucher Program is back at the market this year. Any student/staff that has a bridge card, bring it to the Health and Wellness table at the market. You will be eligible for one $5 voucher per market.

Brewt's Bloody Mary

Brewt's Bloody Mary is hand crafted (hand pickled  jalapenos, fresh grated horseradish, hand squeezed  lemons and limes, and fresh cracked black peppercorn) and bottled in Grand Rapids, MI, the birthplace of Brewtus. Enough flavor to completely satisfy your palate but light enough where you don't feel like having another is too much.

The Cheese people of grand rapids

The Cheese People of Grand Rapids

Bringing our favorite cheeses to local farmers markets is our vocation.

Daddy's cookies

Daddy's Dough

Baked goods will be freshly made and sold here!

Will be gone July 6th and 13th.


Farm Country Cheese

Jeremiah Slater is going to be out selling Amish Cheese during the 2016 farmers market.

Will be gone July 6th. 


Fish Hill Soap

These goat's milk soap bars have male and female scents that are natural and great for your skin!

Will not be at the market until July 20th.

Frozen Creek

Frozen Creek Farms

Frozen Creek farms has a great selection of salsa, jelly, dry mixes and produce!

Done for the season

Full Circle coffee

Full Circle Coffee

Coffee-Fresh Brewed & Coffee Beans


Goen's Produce

Goen's Produce plans on selling a wonderful variety of fresh fruit and vegetables at the GVSU farmers market.

Campus dining

GVSU Campus Dining

Every week Campus Dining will be serving a healthy lunch option for only $6! 

Blood pressure


GVSU nursing students will be out giving FREE blood pressure readings.

Ham family

Ham Family Farm

The Ham family plans to sell a wide assortment of produce.


Hudsonville Honey

Mieke Engelsma has a wonderful array of honey. Everything from honeycomb to honey that is perfect to sweeten any meal!

Will be gone July 6th.

Uncle Jim's Jerky

Uncle Jim's Jerky

Angie Keltner makes fresh homemade Jerky 


Lindberg's Blueberries

These blueberries are so sweet that they fly off the shelves every week! Make sure to get your hands on some!


Moorman Family Farms

Produce, flowers, eggs, and baked goods will be sold here.

Done for the season.

Sall's Farm

Sall's Farm

Always there to welcome you with a smile this vendor sells lots of fresh produce!



The GVSU Sustainable Agriculture programs is a local farm that grows fresh produce right one Campus Drive! See what they are up to here.

Kettle corn

Wilson's Kettle Corn

These guys are always giving out free samples of their delicious kettle and caramel corn!

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