Grand Valley a safe haven for students



Bryan Wagner knows what it is like to be a parent of a college student. He is the father of a junior and an incoming freshman this year at Grand Valley State University.

“Grand Valley has been a great, safe place for my daughter.” Wagner said. 

Being a parent, Wagner knows the importance of his children’s safety and he believes Grand Valley is not only educationally sound but a safe haven as well. He also indicated how important it is for students to grow and become independent with the help from the university.

“When the kids leave home it’s hard on them,” Wagner said. “Grand Valley has a good support system for the students.” 

Wagner understands the importance for students to learn how to prioritize and he believes Grand Valley has helped educate and guide his daughter to become more independent. 

“Grand Valley has great resources,” Wagner said. “It is important for the students to be guided to them.”

In addition to sending his daughters to Grand Valley, Wagner is also involved through the Family Association which helps parents and families of college students stay connected to the university. The Family Association works to keep parents and families informed on events, activities and resources that help make the Grand Valley experience a positive one.

“The Family Association keeps the family involved,” Wagner said. “I especially liked the Family Weekend last year.”

Wagner said he enjoyed last year’s Family Weekend because of the exciting events, like the football game and dueling pianos but most of all he enjoyed seeing how his daughter had matured.