Emeritus parent believes in giving back



Lisa Childs-Wivo knows Grand Valley State University’s level of excellence. Being a parent of an alumnus, Lisa has seen her son excel since graduating and she attributes this to his education at Grand Valley.

“My son Steven is able to achieve all that he does because of the firm foundation Grand Valley provided him,” Lisa said. “Grand Valley believes in helping people reach their dreams and Steven is proof of that.”

Lisa’s son is now working as an automotive engineer at the first company he applied to after graduation. Steven studied physics, worked as a tutor, and was a part of campus life. He continually uses what he learned while attending Grand Valley, whether it was in the classroom or from participation in campus life.

Even though Steven graduated in 2012, Lisa still feels it is important to give back to the university. Grand Valley has given so much to her son, she wants to continue supporting them as they supported her son.

“I am still part of the Grand Valley family,” Lisa said. “I give back to the university to recognize the significant role that the university has played in Steven’s success.”

Lisa could not be more proud of her son for working so hard in college and of Grand Valley for giving him a quality education. The university contributed to Steven’s life in many ways, bringing him to where he is today.

“Being part of the Grand Valley family as an emeritus parent is something I value. The university continues to impress me with their growth and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for GVSU.”