Tutoring for Success

Grand Valley is committed to helping your student succeed. The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) offers tutoring services to students. The center believes in assisting students to achieve their education. All tutoring sessions are free and a great way for students to make the most of their education at Grand Valley. There are a variety of tutoring options for your student:

  • SASC Tutoring provides tutoring in most 100- and 200-level courses. Tutorials are given weekly in one-hour small group sessions.
  • Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) is an academic support program for all students. SLA has weekly study workshops where students can develop and apply specific learning strategies for the course to master the course content. The workshops are facilitated by upper-level students who develop materials in collaboration with the professor so they can clarify lecture points and assist students in understand the expectations of the professor.
  • Mathematics Tutoring Center and Statistics Tutoring Center are part of the Mathematics department. Assistance is offered for courses ranging from 097 to 203 and statistics assistance is offered for STA 215. There are no designated tutoring times so students are welcome to request individual appointments. The centers are also open to any student who wants help with their homework.
  • Science Success Center (SSC) is a free service where facilitators provide individual as well as group tutoring for science students. No appointments are needed, students can walk in anytime. The SSC provides assistance with:
    • Chemistry:109, 115, 116, 230, 231, 232, 241, and 242
    • Physics: 200, 220, 221, 230, and 231
    • Biomedical Science: 208, 212, 250, and 290
    • Biology: 120, 121, and 355/375
  • The Meijer Writing Center provides help with writing for any course and at any stage of the writing process. The center’s peer consultants are well-trained to help students brainstorm ideas, organize content, integrate research, polish a draft and document sources. Students can schedule appointments or drop in during scheduled drop in times.