Preparing for the Future

The Career Center is a helpful place your student can go to start planning for their future. Susan Proctor, Employer Development Manager at the Career Center, encourages parents like you to guide their sons and daughters to visit the Career Center as soon as possible.

“We encourage students to come to us even if they’re a freshman or sophomore. It’s never too early to begin making sure you’re on the path to success,” Susan said.

The Career Center offers many resources to students to help them explore career options by helping to develop career action plans and learning what their studies can help them do in the future. The center can also connect students with employers and professionals, as well as graduate and professional schools. These resources can help students find a career that is right for them.

Creating effective resumes and cover letters is important for students to be able to present themselves professionally. The Career Center has resume and cover letter workshops, as well as two courses to prepare students for their job search.

Students can visit the Career Center’s website to access many resources 24/7. The website lists all of the events for the year, as well as career exploration and job openings. The website is a great source for students to use the Career Center to its full potential.

To further discuss their futures and what they should be doing, students can make one-on-one appointments with Career Center advisors. They can also attend Time for Ten walk-in appointments for quick career questions. The times and locations for walk-in appointments are listed on the website.

The center also hosts two career fair events each year with over 200 companies attending. Students can search for jobs, as well as internships or part-time jobs while still in school. Another exciting event is the Student to Professional conference which will be held on March 20, 2015. Students can attend this all-day conference to transition from student to professional and plan for their future career. Learn more about this event here