Faculty Governance

Classroom Issues

The Faculty Facilities Planning Advisory Committee (FFPAC) is charged with ensuring that faculty and students have the best possible physical environments for learning.  Toward that end, this site provides faculty with the ability to report classroom problems and/or request classroom improvements.  Report issues using the links below as follows:

PLEASE NOTE:  For IT and Maintenance Problems, IT and Facilities Maintenance, respectively, will work with you directly to follow up until reported issues are resolved.  Improvement requests, on the other hand, are being collected anonymously and will be reviewed and prioritized annually by FFPAC.  If you wish to make suggestions anonymously, use the Anonymous Classroom Input link shown below. 

-  Select  IT Problems to report computer or audio-visual equipment in a classroom that is not working properly. 

-  Select Maintenance Problems to report issues with classroom equipment or the physical environment such as furniture, heating/cooling, lighting, whiteboards, or other non-IT-related equipment.  YOU MUST BE ON THE GVSU NETWORK TO USE THIS LINK.

- You can also discuss any issues with your college representative listed on the FFPAC home page.

  - Anonymous Classroom Input 

High priority improvements will be presented to the Facilities Planning Department for consideration in summertime classroom upgrades.  These kinds of changes will naturally take longer to accomplish.


Page last modified October 11, 2016