Energy Statistics

The Energy Department has compared various utilities Gas, Electric, Water and Steam statistics for each FY. The reports listed below focus on the consumption of utilities at GVSU.

For a printable copy of the FY Annual Utility Comparison

How are we doing so far on utilities this year?


Looking at utilities for all campuses from July through November:

Electric is about 1.3% less this year from a cost standpoint with a consumption increase of 0.5% in kWh. The increase in consumption is mainly due to the new Library and Seidman Buildings.

Cooling Degree Days (CDD) are down 25.8% from last year but still 5.7% over the 30 yr. average. The CDD’s would affect about 15% of our total electric.

Natural gas is up 6.7% in cost but down by about 2% in consumption overall…..  Believe the increase in transport costs and storage conditions attributing to these numbers.

Steam downtown is up 9.4% in cost but also up by 44.9% in consumption compared to last year at this time.  Believe the increase in consumption was partly due to the Veolia meter downtown was not measuring correctly (under reading) at the beginning of the FY last year.

For this time frame Heating Degree Days (HDD) are up through November 9.3% over last FY and 8.3% over the 30 year average.  (but through December, HDD s increase to 13.1% over the same time last year)




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