The Energy Department has compared various utilities Gas, Electric, Water and Steam statistics for each FY. The reports listed below focus on the consumption of utilities at GVSU.

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How did we do with utilities this past fiscal year?

With a record cold winter this past year the question arises "Just how did we do with utilities"? To put this into perspective we looked at a similar year, 2003. Fiscal year 2014 and fiscal year 2003 were similar years in terms of weather. FY14 had 7213 HDD (heating degree days) and 768 CDD (cooling degree days). FY03 had 7228 HDD and 680 CDD.

Having completed over 200 energy saving projects during these past 11 years, our FY14 electrical consumption was down 29.5% kWh, gas consumption was down 29.7% MCF, and water consumption was down 39.8% Gal. on a square foot basis compared to FY03.

Some facts about the weather in Michigan during FY 14


a) Third coldest on record for the nation

b) Grand Rapids coldest temperature was -24 degrees

c) Coldest temperature in the state was -51 degrees in Vanderbilt, MI

d) Heating Degree Days were up 11% over the 30 yr. normal and 14% over FY13

e) Our consumption for heat was up only 10% from FY13 on a sq. ft. basis


a) Cooling Degree Days were up 25% over the 30 year normal and down 19% from FY13

b) Our consumption for electric was down 3.5% from FY13 on a sq. ft. basis taking into

account the cooler weather.