Interior Signage

A standard system of signage designed to provide visual orientation for students, faculty, staff & visitors within university buildings 

  •  In-house fabrication, delivery and installation of interior signs per GVSU standards and specifications 
    •  Braille tactile assistive components on public circulation area signage
      •  Restroom signs
      • Elevator/ stairwell signage
      • Classrooms / Offices
    •  Suite occupancy or department name signage on glass
    • Room number identification
    • Office/ cubicle occupant identification portable partition or desktop signs
    • Cubicle occupant & desk “tent” name signs 

Signage Standards

tent sign image

Office Sign

Cubical Signage

View a PDF copy of the GVSU Signage Standards manual   

Place a work order for new workspace identification signage

Any questions may be referred to the following Facilities Planning staff:  Justin Petersen: 

Exterior Signage

A visual aid for the way finder in a GVSU campus environment, allowing them to determine their current location in relation to their intended destination, as well as their best parking option(s)

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