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About LEED®

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized certification system that certifies environmentally sustainable construction projects.  The LEED rating system offers four certification levels for new construction that correspond to the number of credits accrued in five green design categories:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality. 

To learn more about the LEED rating system, click here.

LEED Certifications at GVSU

The following GVSU endorsed buildings have either received LEED certification, or are being constructed according to LEED standards/specifications in order to qualify for certification upon completion.

LEED Certified

LEED Certified Silver

LEED Certified Gold

LEED Certified Platinum


LEED silver LEED gold

LEED Platinum

Project Name

Location Size


LEED Certification

Project Classification

1= Commercial Interiors
2= New Construction
3= Residential

Mackinac Hall
original building

Allendale Campus 7,300 sq. ft. August 2009 LEED 1

(Michigan Alternative & Renewable Energy Center)

Muskegon Lakeshore Smartzone,
Muskegon Lake
29,000 sq. ft. November 2003    LEED gold 2

Lake Ontario Hall

Allendale Campus 53,000 sq. ft. August 2005 LEED silver 2
"Green House"  845 Watson Street SW Grand Rapids 2,648.00 sq. ft. August 2006 LEED silver 3

John C. Kennedy
Hall of Engineering

Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus 27,000 sq. ft. August 2007 LEED 2

Mackinac Hall
addition #2

Allendale Campus 83,000 sq. ft. August 2008 LEED silver 2

Laker Turf Building

Allendale Campus 138,000 sq. ft. August 2008    LEED gold 2

Glenn A. Niemeyer Learning &
Living Center

Allendale Campus 228,000 sq. ft. August 2008 LEED silver 2

Kirkhof Center
addition- 2008

Allendale Campus 30,000 sq. ft. May 2008 LEED 2

Bicycle Factory

201 Front Ave. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
26,000 sq. ft. March 2009 LEED silver 1

South Apartments
C, D, and E

Allendale Campus 289,000 sq. ft. August 2010 LEED gold 2

The Connection

Allendale Campus 24,000 sq. ft. August 2010 LEED silver 2

Mary Idema Pew Library Learning & Information Commons

Allendale Campus -
150,000 sq. ft.

May 2013

LEED Platinum 2
L. William Seidman Center Pew Campus

124,000.00 sq. ft.


May 2013

LEED gold


AWRI- Field Station Lab Building

Muskegon Campus

14,500 sq. ft.

May 2013 

LEED silver


Allendale Science Laboratory Building


Allendale Campus     Seeking LEED 2
A. Robert Kleiner Commons Allendale Campus     LEED silver 2
The Marketplace Allendale Campus     Seeking LEED 2

Au Sable Hall Addition


(Link to LEED Educational ID Document)

Allendale Campus 22,600 sq ft April 2014 Seeking LEED Silver 2


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