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Alumni Mentors

As a member of the Future Alumni Association, students are able to be mentored by a Grand Valley Alumni! These alumni are members of the Young Alumni Council, and are eager to give back to the university by investing their time in students.

Mentor pairings are asked to meet twice per semester.

FAA/YAC Mentor Social

FAA/YAC Mentor Social

FAA/YAC Mentor Social


Future Alumni Association Member

Young Alumni Council Mentor

Emma Ammond

Kristina Russell

Kylie Bauman

Jessica Kane

Brian Branham

Caleb Pols

Grant Cole

Andrew Boorpa

Camille Curtis

Layna Buthker

Samantha DeBoer

Anna Trenshaw

Mary Dreslinski

Michelle Glover

Kathryn Elliot

Kayla Cupples

Allie Goeddeke

Sarah Nelles

Stacey Gross

Katie Kemic

Roy Herpin

Kevin Rapes

Julie Jamison

Devon Fata

Scott Verduzco

Ashley Kring

Kelsey Keipert

John Frawley

Eric Kornaga

Megan Archer

Kimberly Long

Ricardo (Ricky) Benavidez

Chelsie Loose

Katie Perschbacher

Amber Lutman

Paige VanVliet

Hailey Merritt

Katie Blooms

Abigail Mikaelian

Mindy Nienhouse

Caroline Miller

Jennifer Kovalcik

Emily Sergent

Vester Davis

Collin Trainor

Brandon Erhart