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The Love of a Sport Combined with a Great Experience


Experience Information

Employer: Midwest Soccer Academy
Job Title: Intern
Major: Advertising & Public Relations
Received Credit?: Yes
Paid?: Yes

Description of the Organization

The organization I was luck enough to get an opportunity to join and build a great learning experience from was called Midwest Soccer Academy. It is a local soccer company in Genessee County that has been teaching kids soccer for over 40 years. Here at MSA, we run soccer-training camps from close by U of M, all the way to New Hampshire and even New York. An even cooler program we run here is our Disney Soccer Academy, where kids from all over get the chance to come to Disney World in Florida and get to experience one on one coaching with pro soccer players at the wonderful ESPN Sports Center. Not only do we have that camp, but we also run five very successful travel soccer companies around the Genessee County area, they consist of FC Bolton North, South, West, Lapeer, and Premier. Lastly, what I find the most inspirational is that this company also shows interest in starting children at a young age engaging them in learning soccer skills and healthy habits. Children from ages 2-8 are able to participate in our Kritters and Junior Kritters soccer-training sessions where for an hour a day they learn small soccer skills mixed with helpful nutritional fact and healthy habits such as brushing your teeth.

Description of the Tasks/Projects Completed

While working at Midwest Soccer Academy I got to experience many different aspects of a soccer company. Although my major is Advertising and Public Relations, I was able to gain knowledge in my field, but also many other common office skills. I was able to dip my feet in the promotion side of the company as I set out to business to promote for our tryouts for FC Bolton. I also got to promote by making millions of phone calls to every soccer team in Michigan inviting them to our MSA Fall Classic Soccer Tournament. I got to design the payment forms for our tournaments, as well as being the head of paper work at our FC Bolton Lapeer tryouts. I also got to be the assistant coach for our Kritters soccer camp and got to be the Director of Whaley's Outreach Program, teaching kids skills that wouldn't ever get the chance to play soccer. My task have ranged, but all of them have helped me grow and understand the work of Advertising and Public Relation and not all my experiences have to be related in my field to help me grow.

Skills/Knowledge Gained Through The Experience

While working here I gained many different skill and experiences, some dealing with my major and others dealing with general business skills. I got to learn face to face business skills as I promoted and motivated parents to join FC Bolton North in Clio, as well as promote MSA's Fall Classic soccer tournament through impersonal phone calls to every Michigan soccer team to inform them of this new event. I even gained new computer skills and even printer skills I never knew I might need to acquire. I gained vocal skills with talking to parents, coworkers, and coaches, while also learning that posture and hand gestures are also key-factors in speaking to someone. I gained knowledge in how to set up and make press releases, as well as the design our payment form for our tournament. I created announcement, events, and small news stories for our local online newspaper called Fenton Patch and unfortunately, organized lots of paperwork as well. I learned that not all tasks in an internship are fun and there is a lot of general busy work that needs to get done as well. I learned that it is a learning process and it takes time to process, expand your knowledge, and accommodate for each company.

Favorite Part of the Experience

My favorite part of this experience at Midwest Soccer Academy would have to be attending the U of M weeklong soccer camp. While I was there, I got to be the counselor for around 30 girls and also run the camp store for our whole camp. I got to announce when the store was getting pizza and remind all the kids in the dorms of the deals we had going on. Then after promoting, selling, and helping the girls get ready for soccer training. I got to get out on the field with them and play some soccer. I got to meet many different kids from all over and see all their different skills. I also got to meet four coaches who are originally from England, but we granted the opportunity to play soccer here. I got to listen to there experience and even two that also have marketing degrees that help in the office with both soccer training and promoting. It was a great experience.

How the Experience Influenced Future Career Goals

This experience has actually got me thinking of a minor to pursue already and possibly looking at all the career options I can take with Advertising and Public Relations. Before I had planning on emphasizing in PR for radio, but now I know I can pursue careers with dual interests to me. With realizing that there are many more career opportunities for Advertising and Public Relation than I realized, it also made me realize that a business minor might be helpful considering Ad and PR contains much more work than just promoting and sales.

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