BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:GVSU Events Calendar BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20131106T080000 DTEND:20131106T170000 LOCATION:Red Wall Gallery\, Lake Ontario Hall DESCRIPTION:The country of Haiti\, a short hour and a half plane trip from the U.S.\, was hit by a massive earthquake in January\, 2010\, that killed between 46\,000 and 86\,000 Haitians\, according to recently revised figures.  \;Several hundred thousand remain in patchwork tent cities in and around the capital now\, nearly 4 years later\, complicated by no infrastructure\, 85% unemployment\, no real industry or raw materials\, a dysfunctional government\, and alleged corruption throughout the country.  \;In 2012\, Dr. Steven L. Smith from the Grand Valley School of Social Work\, spent his sabbatical working in Haiti among some of the many tent cities in Port-au-Prince\, and also worked in a private orphanage\, and a new school for restavek (indentured servant) children built through the missionary efforts of several U.S. citizens.  \;Part of his work included a documentary photographic essay of the children and family situations he encountered during his time there.  \;Dr. Smith expected\, and found\, a living environment which for many included horrible shelter and sanitary conditions\, inadequate food\, water\, medical and psychological care\, and a non-functioning economy.  \;However\, many children not only survived\, but thrived in conditions that are far more brutal than some of the worst poverty in the United States. These Haitian children\, mostly living a meager daily existence without regular clean water and sporadic food consisting of mostly beans and rice\, were happy\, hopeful and created a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos that consumed the adults. This photo essay intersperses stories of tragedy with photographs of these children\, in a surprising picture of surprising hope amidst the rubble.\n\n\n\n \;\n\n\n\nThis exhibit is ongoing through December 13. \; Free and open to the public. \; The Red Wall Gallery is located in Lake Superior Hall on the Allendale Campus. \; For more information call the GVSU Art Gallery at (616) 331-2563 or visit":" \;\n\n SUMMARY:Haiti's Children":" Hope Amidst the Rubble PRIORITY:3 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR