BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:GVSU Events Calendar BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20120221T150000 DTEND:20120221T180000 LOCATION:RM 2259 DESCRIPTION:Event is LIB100 Approved!\n\nCreating connections\, inspiring leaders. . .\n\nRegister for this seminar at Leadership Seminars through Laker Leadership Programs.\n\nATHENA Leadership Seminar engages and inspires young women to not only see themselves as leaders\, but to gain skills necessary for successful leadership in the 21st Century.\n\nThis program is designed for undergraduate or graduate women students who are learning about leadership and those already practicing it through involvement.\n\nWith the rising need in creating sustainable communities\, today&rsquo\;s leaders are those with the central belief of achieving balanced leadership through equality\, service\, and collaboration.\n\nThe ATHENA Leadership Seminar is based on an understanding of those personal leadership attributes captured within the ATHENA Leadership Model. \; This model is unique in that it focuses on personal attributes of strong\, successful leaders. \; These include Authentic Self\, Celebration and Joy\, Collaboration\, Courageous Acts\, Fierce Advocacy\, Giving Back\, Learning and Relationships. \; \n\nThe ATHENA Leadership Model attributes\, in conjunction with the best of traditional leadership skills &mdash\; e.g.\, risk taking\, hard work\, assertiveness and tenacity &mdash\; provide the model of leadership necessary for success in the global market of the 21st century.\n\nBoth women and men benefit from exposure to this new model of leadership. \;\n\n&ldquo\;The leader beyond the millennium will not be the leader who has learned the lessons of \; HOW TO DO IT&hellip\; The leader for today and the future will focus on HOW TO BE&hellip\; how to develop quality\, character\, mindset\, values\, principles\, and courage.&rdquo\; \; Francis Hesselbein (Drucker Foundation)\n\nRegister for this seminar now by visiting Leadership Seminars through Laker Leadership Programs. SUMMARY:ATHENA Leadership Seminar (Part 1 of 2) - LIB 100 Approved! PRIORITY:3 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR