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Alcohol: Truth, Lies and Consequences - LIB100 Approved! CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS

Date and Time

Monday, September 29, 2014
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


  • North Living Center C 142


Alcohol and drugs are a part of culture and community. Whether done legally or illegally, choices that an individual makes about their use impacts not only the them in that moment but in some cases also in their future. The impact that substances has in someone’s life not only can effect their health, academics, career paths, etc. but in some cases can also impact the community and society around them through health and safety issues, disruptions, legal system, etc. The ATLC program takes a harm reduction approach to talk about alcohol use and is offered multiple times throughout the school year. While the program focuses on alcohol, due to it being the primary drug of choice on our campus, we now includes drug use in particular marijuana and prescription drugs which are quickly having an impact on our campus community over the past few years. The program focuses on raising awareness for students about how to make healthier and more informed choices about using alcohol and other substances and how those choices do not just impact them, but may also impact the community as a whole. Topics include: what are healthier choices around alcohol, raising awareness on true amount of a standard drink, legal consequences that may result from the choices (regardless of what age they are), impacts of illegal drug use on future career choices (including if a student has medical marijuana card) and financial add, and warning signs when an attendee or someone they know may have a problem and where to resources for help.






This event also occurred on 10/14/2014, 11/12/2014 and 12/4/2014


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