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The ERP Certificate Program at Grand Valley State University is designed based on a globally recognized Undergraduate ERP focused MIS emphasis.  This program has a strong strategic partnership with the SAP University Alliances, state of the art experientially focused curriculum, and a highly engaged, world class faculty.  The ERP Certificate Program is focused on applied knowledge.  Participants leave the program with an understanding of how ERP can be applied in their own professional setting.

The content of the program has been built to include:

  • Core concepts in business process integration, in terms of triggers, tasks, data, and outcomes related to executing key business processes in manufacturing organizations. 
  • Principles, and techniques related to configuring an enterprise system to support key business processes in a manufacturing organization. 
  • Exploration of tools and techniques for analyzing the large volumes of data that organizations use for decision-making. 

Everything in the ERP Certificate Program is about application and how a participant can use their academic knowledge in their own professional setting.  The award-winning faculty boasts a long history of academic excellence, focusing on creating relevant and industry driven, experiential learning materials that are used by over a 1000,000 students worldwide.  In addition to their academic excellence, faculty have significant industry experience and remain active in the business community.  The combination of academics and industry is what allows the faculty to facilitate deep learning interactions and bring the knowledge alive.