SAP Assignment Support Options

SAP is installed in the following locations:

DeVos Building

  • Labs 203, 204, 205 and 210
  • Library lab

Seidman Building

  • Labs 2009, 2011, 2015

Allendale library lab

  • 5 options to get help on your SAP business process assignments:
    • Solutions Database (online)
    • Forum (online)
    • BlackBoard Instant Messaging (online, real-time)
    • Face-to-Face SAP Assignment Assistance Help Desk (real-time)
    • Over The Phone SAP Assignment Assistance Help Desk (real-time)
  • Solutions Database
    • Use key words to search for your problem
    • View the pdf file : student level solution
  • Forum
    • Log into the Portal using your GVSU Username and Password
    • Go to tab “Forum”
    • Submit your questions with:
    • Exercise name
    • Your assigned number / “identifier”,
    • The problem:  At what step #, what the error states
    • Get your “guidance” within 1 business day by your classmates
    • Interns will wait 1 business day before responding to allow peer assistance
  • Blackboard Instant Messaging
    • Previously known as “Wimba Pronto”
    • Used as online classroom & virtual office hours
    • How it works
      • Chat one-on-one, depending on your problem we can help you by:
      • Instant messaging with screenshots
      • Audio call
      • Share desktop screen (ScreenShare)
      • Share documents (works like Google Docs)
      • Collaborate visually (virtual Whiteboard)
    • From school lab
      • From Windows menu, search for “Blackboard IM”
    • To get BB IM on your computer
      • Log into Blackboard :
      • Find on your first page “BB IM”
      • Download BB IM on your computer
      • Start IM with someone from “SAP”
        • Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Face-to-Face SAP Assignment Assistance Help Desk

Page last modified October 30, 2017