Environmental Studies

ENS Requirements

At least 21 credits including the following:


ENS201: Introduction to Environmental Studies and Sustainability (3 credits)

ENS401: Environmental Problem Solving (3 credits)

One course from each of the following categories (at least 9 credits):

A. Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Environment
B. Physical and Life Science Perspectives on Environment
C. Economic and Political Perspectives on Environment
  • Two additional upper-level electives from two different disciplines from the list of courses listed below (at least 6 credits)
Environmental Studies Electives:
  Socio-cultural Perspectives  
Physical and Life Science Perspectives
 Economic and Political Perspectives
ANT 340 Culture and Environment BIO 105 Environmental Science BIO 319
Global Agricultural Sustainability
BIO 338 Environmental Ethics BIO 107
Great Lakes and Other Water Resources
Environmental and Resource Economics
ENG 382 Nature Writing BIO 215
General Ecology
Urban Economics
GPY 220
Cultural Geography
BIO 310  Biological Diversity of the Americas
Geographic Patterns-Global Development
Landscape Analysis
BIO 470
Conservation Biology
Geography of the Great Lakes Region
HST 320 American Indians CHM 311
Green Chemistry and Industrial Processes
GPY 353
Geography of Canada and the United States
HST 323 Michigan History CHM 321 Environmental Chemistry
International Food and Culture
HST 327
History of American Urban History
CHM 322
Environmental Chemical Analysis
HTM 268
Adventure Tourism
LIB 330
The Idea of Nature
EGR 360 Thermodynamics Introduction to Natural Resources
PSY 362
Environmental Psychology
GEO 100
Environmental Geology
NRM 420 Wildland Recreation Management
SW 150
Human Needs in Complex Societies
GEO 105
Living with the Great Lakes
Natural Resource Policy
SOC 288
Sociology and Food
GEO 111
Exploring the Earth
Local Politics and Administration
SOC 351
Urban Sociology
GEO 300
Geology and the Environment
PA 360 Voluntarism and the Non-Profit Sector
WGS 335 Woman, Health and Environment GPY 100
Physical Geography
U.S. Environmental Policy
Global Environmental Change
PLS 314 International Law
    NRM 330
Environmental Pollution
SS 324 Urbanization
Environmental Safety and Health Regulations
    ENS492 Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture    


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